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Mission and Objectives

To disclose the state-of-the-art in advanced production technologies through the demonstration of research, experimentation and advanced training results. iiLab supports technology-based innovation in public and private organisations, thus contributing to the development of their skills in the development, adoption and implementation of advanced production technologies, leading to a sustainable competitiveness in the circular economy context.

  • Demonstration of concepts and advanced technologies in the areas of robotics, automation, industrial cyber-physical systems (Internet of things) in the form of a show-room
  • Dissemination of INESC TEC’s expertise for the industry and the community in general
  • Experimentation and prototyping space for technological companies
  • Tailor-made training for senior managers and senior executives of industrial companies

Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) &

Internet of Things (IoT)

Business Intelligence &

Decision Support Systems

Advanced Automation &

Industrial Robotics

Mobile Robotics &

Internal Logistics

Industrial Vision Systems for

Inspection and Quality Control

Industrial Data Management &

Information Systems



General and customized innovative and efficient training and education programmes for advanced manufacturing technologies and digital transformation process.

Digital Transformation Management

- Overview technology innovation and trends

- Digital business strategy

- Digital innovation drivers

- Value creation and data-driven decision making

- Technology roadmap

- Organisation changes


Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

- State of the art of new technologies

- Hands-on experience

- Industrial controlled environment


Facilitating and reducing the risk of the digital transformation process and the development of solutions through a specialised and experienced multidisciplinary team.

Technological Roadmap

Assessment of the Industry 4.0 strategy and implementation & support on the digital transformation process and the technological roadmap design.

Customised Solution

Development of ad-hoc solutions and co-creation of projects from new technologies and new applications.


The laboratory provides a leading environment to expose new solutions and to develop proofs of concept.


Digital Architectures for the Industry of the Future

Optimized Planning and Schedulling for Sustainable Production

Flexible Intralogistics Based on Mobile Robotics

AI for Quality Control Automation

Automated Machine Vision System for Quality Inspection

Interactive Simulation-Optimization for the Production Sequencing

Learning by demonstration

Multi-robot Coordination Technologies

Multi-floor Mobile Robot Navigation

Connected worker quantified occupational health and safety


Belt Conveyor System

Pallet Storage Warehouse

Automated Vertical Warehouse


Eletromechanical Workbench

Motion Capture System

Cargo lift integrated with mobile robotics

Internal Logistics - Omnidirectional Conveyor and AIV

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