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Within TEC4ENERGY, INESC TEC aims to induce a market pull drive into R&D and to generate a convergence of knowledge and competences in order to produce solutions in the energy sector.

The TEC4ENERGY benefits from a strong, recognised INESC TEC expertise in Power Systems, with more than 20 years transferring research results to manufacturers, utilities and large energy users in Portugal,  Europe and Brazil.



TEC4ENERGY initiative addresses the major challenges that the ongoing digitalisation of the energy sector entails, proposing a multidisciplinary scientific based approach to overcome the limitations that the different stakeholders find in the existing market solutions.

Main domains and sectors of activity

  • Energy Conversion
  • Electrical Network Operation and Optimisation
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Electric Mobility
  • Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance
  • Software and ICT for Critical Systems
  • Advanced sensing for power system operation
  • Laboratory Services for technology testing
Business Partnerships


The advanced solutions, which were designed and prototyped, are transferred to the technological partners or implemented in the daily operations of some of the most relevant companies of the sector such as:

Scientific Community


The high scientific competence that leverages the necessary science push of TEC4ENERGY results from the fusion of the extensive knowledge of the Centre of Power and Energy Systems together with all the other INESC TEC Clusters.

Core and transversal R&D lines

• Implementation of philosophies of predictive management of the electrical system
• Data-based electricity management and control solutions
• Efficient and safe data sharing and management solutions
• Electrical grid management solutions with decision support mechanisms
• More efficient energy conversion systems
• Exploration of conversion systems based on energy harvesting
• Management solutions focused on the producing consumer
• New business and market models, as well as new regulation mechanisms

Complementary R&D partners

• University of Porto
• University of Minho

Network of international R&D partners

• University of Manchester

• IIT/Universidade Pontifícia Comillas
• VITO/Energy Ville
• Armines
• Grenoble INP
• Tecnalia
• Universidade Técnica da Dinamarca

Infrastructures & Labs


LaboratoryLaboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles