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Creation of innovative science-based digital products and services for industry, contributing to the Portuguese economy's resilience and growth.


TEC4Industry main challenge is to facilitate the knowledge and technology flow between the knowledge sources (academia) and the economic and industrial drivers (companies) while promoting the emergence of new high-tech technologies companies powered by ground-breaking technologies. At the same time, that contributes to the alignment between national industrial agendas and the industrial companies' needs and ambitions. In addition, it is TEC4Industry ambition to contribute to the industrial sector digital up-skilling and re-skilling using unique advanced training methodologies and cutting edge-shared facilities to promote sustainable and risk-free industrial digital transition. 


Portugal must follow the European dynamics for reindustrialisation and assert itself in the group of countries that lead the process of industrial transformation. The main guidelines focus on investing in R&D to increase the flexibility and efficiency of production processes and encourage the innovative and added-value character of products. At the same time, implementing measures to promote economic and social impact, leveraged by current digital transformation processes and transition to a green and circular economy, is in line with the European Green Deal. 

To achieve this vision, industrial companies must invest on digital technologies to increase visibility, transparency, predictability and controllability over their production systems. It will be possible to offer more effective and added-value services and promote more sustainable business models by enabling and promoting the connection between the new smart factories and smart products. Nevertheless, and considering the actual economic characteristics, the overall optimisation must be achieved within the entire value chain and not only within each factory, through the adoption of digital collaborative tools capable of connecting the different value chain actors. The lack of Human Resources with competencies and motivation to work in the industrial context is also a critical issue nowadays. Therefore, it is mandatory to invest in human-centred technologies to improve humans' well-being and support humans in complex manufacturing systems operations and decision-making.


Value proposition

TEC4Industry facilitates the creation of an innovative, responsive and sustainable industry by promoting the convergence of multidisciplinary knowledge and differentiating skills of an organisation with decades of experience in research and development of unique solutions.

Application Fields

Application Fields

TEC4Industry aims to support Industry by addressing its needs and challenges, like digital transformation, decarbonisation, sustainability or circularity. Here are our main domains of activity:

Digital Transformation for Customised Production 

Take advantage of the most recent digitalisation mechanisms to support companies promoting new advanced services () and to enable information management towards the product, production system and industrial processes;

The work addresses simulation and optimisation of the production lines through mathematical and simulation/digital twin models to design facilities and to plan and manage operations;

Design and development of innovative digital architectures for industry, leveraged by IoT platforms and 5G communication networks, capable of increasing industrial companies’ visibility, transparency and adaptability to new product and market demands;

Explore big data and artificial intelligence algorithms and tools to generate knowledge and prescriptive insights, in order to support human-machine interaction based on augmented reality (AR);

Future industrial robotics will move from a robot centred perspective of a robotics work cell to an integrated approach that involves perception, multiple sources of information, close collaboration with humans and continuous process learning;

Development of intra and inter-organisational logistics systems. Services that enable companies to integrate IoT components and orchestrate manufacturing modules, such as planning and scheduling. New models and algorithms for optimising the delivery of products purchased by online customers;

Prediction of anomalous events and machine learning techniques to increase maintenance optimisation and consumer forecast;

Customised hands-on training course in Industry 4.0 strategy and enabling technologies. This courses take advantage from unique and full updated research labs and infrastructures;

Industrial data processing, analysis and science towards information and knowledge discovery, creation and management, taking advantage from AI and high processing computing capabilities. Practical application in different areas such as production planning and optimisation, continuous improvement and quality assessment, predictive maintenance and other costs reduction;

Increase national and European manufacturing industry resilience by increasing production systems autonomy and flexibility. Technology autonomy, including adaptability, self-awareness, self-healing and self learning processes, systems, machines and components; Autonomy of work, addressing human centred technologies capable to improve decision making process and aligned with humans needs, job roles and well being; and finally geo political autonomy, towards self-sufficiency in terms of critical resources, technology know-how and infrastructures. 



TEC4Industry brings together a team of experts dedicated to Industrial and Systems and Engineering, offering a cross-cutting, multidisciplinary, and versatile approach. Here are our main competencies:



TEC4Industry is promoted by a multidisciplinar team. In addition, TEC4Industry mobilises a network of external partners, involving national and international entities. Get to know our partners:







“The close relationship that we managed to establish with INESC TEC is a key asset to FLUPOL. The growing need for automated complex processes through artificial intelligence, and network management at a global level, seems to indicate a future characterised by a stronger connection between both organisations.”
José Bandeira
“The partnership with INES TEC translated into a very enriching experience, and helped achieving a symbiosis of realities and know-how, supported by a strong commitment and teamwork. This collaborative endeavour led to the positive results in terms of iiLab and Simoldes’ operations.”
Vitor Resende
“All the members of the INESC TEC team showed an enterprising spirit, deeply committed to the project, which contributed to the practical outcomes of FASTEN. I perceive this experience as something quite positive.”
Marta Quintães
Embraer Portugal
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