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Laboratory of Industrial Robotics and Automation

Develops cognitive, sensitive, collaborative and safe robot-based automation solutions for manufacturing applications.

Laboratory of Mobile Robotics and Internal Logistics

Develops innovative algorithms in the field of mobile robotics (navigation, positioning, perception of the environment).

Laboratory of Robotics and IoT for Smart Precision Agriculture and Forestry

Develops robotised solutions and intelligent systems which can be used in agriculture and forestry.

Information Systems Laboratory

Design, implement and test information systems for a broad area of applications.

CLOUDinha Laboratory

Acts as a computational support to research and development activities of INESC TEC and UMinho. 

Laboratory of Software Engineering

Develops new methods, techniques and tools that promote the way software is designed, synthesized and evaluated.

Laboratory of Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments

Facing new challenges in areas such as Immersive Environments, Digital Games and User Experience and broadening the knowledge in Computer Graphics.

Laboratory of Sound and Music Computing

Promotes the interaction, expression and immersion with sound and music through digital media.

Biomedical Imaging Laboratory

Aims at creating Computer-aided Diagnosis (CAD) tools to support medical decision making

Laboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles

The laboratory takes the science-based innovation to leading players in the energy market.

Neuroengineering and Advanced Human Sensing Laboratory

Perform high-level interdisciplinary R&D in engineering and computational approaches applied to basic and clinical neuroscience.

BioInstrumentation Lab

Perform high-level interdisciplinary R&D in engineering and computational approaches applied to health, well-being, rehabilitation and sports performance.

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