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Press Releases

Press Releases to the media

28th July 2021

Are you looking for a job? This virtual reality mobile app will help you!

App resorts to gamification to match the applicants' profile with job specifications.

07th June 2021

6G communications networks strategy underway in Portugal

International conference will bring together almost 2000 experts; the Portuguese Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education will launch the event.

31st May 2021

Portuguese project focuses on reducing the carbon footprint of supercomputers and data centres

The main goal of the Sustainable HPC project is reducing energy consumption by 60% and costs by 30%.

27th May 2021

Urgeiriça uranium mine will test one of the most advanced underwater robots in the world

The UX-1Neo is a modular robot, capable of navigating for eight hours autonomously, and reaching a depth of one thousand meters.

25th May 2021

Artificial Intelligence project monitors and improves the influence of brands on social networks

Measuring, monitoring and improving the presence, social position and influence of companies and individuals on social networks. This is the main objective of the project “Advancing the Frontier of Social Media Management Tools”, developed by the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), in partnership with tech company SKORR, which uses advanced artificial intelligence and the analyses of social networks to help improve the performance of online brands.


Researchers will create a mobile app to help younger citizens search for jobs

Researchers from the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), in Porto, are part of a project that aims to develop a mobile application to help citizens, especially the younger ones, in their job search.

Date28th July 2021

SourceDinheiro Vivo



Smart Farm 4.0 project

The project "Smart Farm 4.0: smart solutions for a sustainable, predictive and autonomous agriculture" is the result of the collaborative effort from 16 partners.

Date15th July 2021

SourceVoz do Campo




Interview with Alfredo Martins, researcher at INESC TEC and lecturer at ISEP, on "Mentes que Brilham".

Date14th July 2021

SourcePorto Canal



€4.1M to support a sustainable supercomputer

The Government authorised the allocation of €4.1M from the Energy Efficiency Fund for the creation of the Deucalion supercomputer, in Guimarães - which will operate mainly with energy generated from renewable energy sources.

Date30th June 2021

SourceÁgua e Ambiente Online



INESC TEC Science Bits #16 – Robotics and agriculture

Science Bits is a podcast series produced by INESC TEC and Engenharia Rádio, focusing on the latest trends in science and technology.

Date30th June 2021

SourceEngenharia Rádio



The European project SafeCloud is led by Portuguese institutions and experts

The SafeClound project is led by HASLab/INESC TEC & UMinho.

Date29th June 2021

SourceSecurity Magazine



Brussels allocates €30M to test the production of green hydrogen in Sines

Several entities from the academia and industry will join Galp, EDP and INESC TEC.

Date23rd June 2021




"6G enables the Internet of Senses" and blurs the line between "the physical and virtual world"

Manuel Ricardo, INESC TEC's director, explained that 6G is underway, and that new technologies will introduce a brand-new world (holograms and sensory experiences) in Portugal.

Date20th June 2021

SourceDinheiro Vivo



Presidency of the EU visits UMinho to know more about the new Portuguese supercomputer

The event is part of the programme of the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the "MACC User Group Workshop".

Date18th June 2021

SourceTV Braga


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Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Trust Clound and Internet of Things Infrastructures

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Business Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery

Dalila Fontes

Operational Research, Problems defined in networks, Modeling and Optimization

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Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Tourism, Digital Technologies

Alberto Pinto

Dynamics and Game Theory

Paula Brito

Data Science, Multivariate Data Analysis, Statistical Learning

Industry and Innovation

Pedro Amorim

Drawing and Logistic's Optimization

Jorge Freire Sousa

Mobility and Transportation

Bernardo Almada-Lobo

Support Decision and Intelligent Systems

Ana Viana

Health Optimization and Decision

Ana Camanho

Performance Analysis

Rui Diogo Rebelo

Footwear industry, internal logistics, production layouts

António Correia Alves

Enterprise information systems, production innovation, project management

Luís Guardão

Construction industry information management, production planning and scheduling

César Toscano

Cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things

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Industrial information systems integration, recommendation systems

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Industrial and Collaborative Robotics

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Robotics in Agriculture and Forests

Hélio Mendonça

Control, sensors, aquisition and data and LoT

Power and Energy

Carlos Moreira

Network studying and renewable integration

Jorge Correia Pereira

Networks Management Systems

Manuel Matos

Planning and Reliability, Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

Vladimiro Miranda

Planning and Reliability, Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

João Peças Lopes

Network studying and renewable integration

Luís Seca

Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

João Tomé Saraiva

Electricity regulation and markets

Ricardo Jorge Bessa

Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

Networked Intelligent Systems

Jaime Cardoso

Processes of information and patterns recognition

Paula Viana

Multimedia Tecnologies

Manuel Ricardo

Communication's Networks

Henrique Salgado

Optical and electronic technologies

Hélder Filipe Oliveira

Processes of information and patterns recognition

Maria Teresa Andrade

Multimedia Tecnologies

Rui Lopes Campos

Communication's Networks

Luís Manuel Pessoa

Optical and electronic technologies

José Carlos Alves

Robotics and Automous Systems

Bruno Miguel Ferreira

Robotics and Automous Systems

Nuno Cruz

Robotics and Automous Systems

Nuno Dias

Robotics and Automous Systems

Aníbal Matos

Robotics and Automous Systems

André Dias

Robotics and Automous Systems

Hugo Alexandre Ferreira

Robotics and Automous Systems

Hugo Miguel Silva

Robotics and Automous Systems

Andry Maykol Pinto

Robotics and Automous Systems