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Press Releases

Press Releases to the media

26th July 2018

€ 4M and Portuguese contribution to increase the wireless communications speed up to 10 times

After three years, with the collaboration of 11 international partners and EUR 4 million funded by the European Commission, transmission speeds that achieved 10 Gbps (when the normal is 1 Gbps) were demonstrated for the first time at a global level. All thanks to some devices called resonant tunneling diode (RTDs), which are new wireless transceiver technologies that resembles small, low-cost and energy-efficient chips that allow the ultra-fast data transmission integrated with the optical fibre network.

23rd July 2018

Portuguese woman wins for the first time the best doctoral dissertation in Europe

Margarida Carvalho is the first Portuguese woman awarded the EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award, a distinction that recognises outstanding doctoral dissertations in the operational research (OR) field. This is the first time that a Portuguese researcher wins this award that assesses the uniqueness and novelty of the thesis, the relevance for the OR field, the range and depth of the results, the inputs in the research areas and the quality of the corresponding publications.

05th July 2018

Porto receives world experts on blockchains - new solutions will be presented

The city of Porto will receive next Monday and Tuesday (9 and 10 July), 17 world experts on blockchains from academics to business experts from countries such as USA, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Switzerland, Austria and, of course, Portugal. In addition to the current situation of the existing solutions, the experts also will disclose new solutions in the field. The challenges of the blockchain technology that involves academia, industry and laboratories and research centres will also be on the agenda. The name of the conference is “Chain-in: The International Industrial & Academic Conference on Blockchain Technology” and it was organised by the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC).

04th July 2018

New Portuguese news platform awarded with EUR 10M

The new Portuguese news aggregation platform is called “Conta-me histórias” and has just received EUR 10 thousand for the first place under the Prizes 2018. The award ceremony took place yesterday afternoon, 3 July , at the Science Summit 2018, in the plenary session "New frontiers of the digital age in Europe and in the world", which was attended by the Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation of the European Commission, Carlos Moedas.

26th June 2018

Unmanned robots capable of monitoring borders with Portuguese signature

The European Union, especially the Mediterranean countries, have been facing a number of challenges with illegal border crossing. The need of enhancing the border security in order to control migrations and especially the fight against crime that occurs during these crossings, has caused the EU to fund the project SUNNY at almost EUR 10 million. The project, which involved 16 European entities, developed a smart sensors network that are carried on-board of unmanned aircraft. These aircraft, best known as UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (remote piloted aircraft systems), aims to monitor the border areas which, when it comes to SUNNY, are especially the areas related to the ocean environment.


Precision crop management. Herculano brings smart agricultural tools to AgroGlobal

Herculano is one of the sponsors of the 6th edition of AgroGlobal - Great Exhibition of Cultures, which will take place between 5 and 7 Septbemnber in Valada do Ribatejo. (EN)

Date13th August 2018

SourceRevista Agricultura e Mar



The big national band. Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra

At the beginning of 1997 the dream of Pedro Guedes was close to its goal: to create a big band. (PT)

Date12th August 2018

SourceJornal Online Tornado



Firefighters: prevent and protect

In the last 18 years, 53 out of the 200 victims who died in the Portuguese forest fires were firefighters. However, the research doesn't stop and there are new solutions that can help to reduce these stark figures. (EN)

Date09th August 2018

SourcePortugal Têxtil



Monitoring ocean currents

There is a new European project that is trying to find a low-cost solution capable of monitoring surface ocean currents in any place of the world. (PT)

Date07th August 2018

SourcePorto Canal



First "thermal tourism hub" will be created in Alto Tâmega

Alto Tâmega intends to create the first "thermal tourism hub" in Portugal, a center of knowledge, innovation and research that will have water as the main driving force of the region. (PT)

Date06th August 2018

SourceGazeta Rural



The solar village that shows the way

The residents of Valverde are testing an energy production and storage system that allows them to save on the electricity bill and help the environment. (PT)

Date04th August 2018




First "thermal tourism hub" will be created in Alto Tâmega

Alto Tâmega intends to create the first "thermal tourism hub" in Portugal, a center of knowledge, innovation and research that will have water as the main driving force of the region. (PT)

Date03rd August 2018

SourceA Voz de Chaves- O jornal do Alto Tâmega



Ricardo Campos holds a Masters from UBI and won the Science Summit Award 2018

Ricardo Campos was part of the winning team at the Science Summit 2018. (PT)

Date01st August 2018

SourceJornal Online da UBI



Comic strip: 'Biptoon' Shows the other side of comic strip

What if comic strip follow the science paths? This is the proposal of David Conceição, who since 2016 is an illustrator at INESC TEC - Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science and who has created the Biptoon strips. (PT)

Date01st August 2018

SourceCentral Comics


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