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Press Releases

Press Releases to the media

22nd April 2024

INESC TEC opens 60 positions for summer internships in engineering

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), following its commitment to bringing younger people closer to research careers, opened a new call for research internships in the summer – INESC TEC 2024 Summer Internships. The applications run until May 15 - and the Institute will select 60 higher education students.

12th April 2024

Portuguese technology travels to Brazil for invasive species monitoring

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) developed a technology to help monitor an invasive species in Brazil. The sun coral – an invasive species that emerged on the Asian continent and has already colonised the entire Gulf of Mexico – appeared in Brazil in the 1980s. Experts suspect that this species came from oil platforms brought from Asia to other continents.

07th March 2024

Portugal contributed to the digitalisation of the European electricity sector with interoperable solutions that connect homes and buildings to the grid

Project with close to €36M, with 50 partners, and led by a Portuguese R&D institute, ends in March

05th March 2024

First prototype that applies AI to colorectal diagnosis developed in Portugal

The work behind the first prototype that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) for colorectal diagnosis was fully developed by Portuguese researchers from the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), in Porto, and the IMP Diagnostics Molecular & Anatomic Pathology laboratory; it will be published today (March 5) in the renowned international scientific journal npj Precision Oncology.

23rd January 2024

Innovative technology will create the first demonstrator of a fully printed IoT node

A sustainable communications solution for the Internet of Things (IoT) is under development. The solution stems from a combination of light and radio communications, in a flexible way, exploring a technology based on printed electronics. More than 11 eleven entities are working on this solution as part of the SUPERIOT (Truly Sustainable Printed Electronics-based IoT Combining Optical and Radio Wireless Technologies) project, funded by the European Commission (€5.6M). There are three Portuguese entities involved - the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and Wavecom.


"Powerful alliance" creates the Industry Club to leverage digital transformation

The members will have exclusive access to studies on the industry sector, events, workshops, technical visits to major companies and training actions.

Date15th May 2024




Satellite images and AI to fight against environmental crimes

INESC TEC joins European project that uses technology to detect contaminated waters, illegal spills and residues' traffic.

Date10th May 2024

SourceNotícias Magazine



INESC TEC and PBS explore cybersecurity to support companies, governments and organisations identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities and threats

The training programme stands out for an "innovative and technologic component and interdisciplinary nature".

Date03rd December 2023

SourceJornal Económico



Mission inside cave in the Azores to simulate the Moon "opens doors" for future missions

A group of scientists concluded a seven-day mission in an extreme environment that simulated the Moon environment.

Date28th November 2023

SourceNotícias ao Minuto



Technology developed in Porto enabled the autonomous collection of samples in the Arctic

The technology features a "sensor shaped like a cylinder" that allows the collection of eDNA samples "autonomously". 

Date12th October 2023




Second smart underwater cable installed in Sesimbra to detect earthquakes and tsunamis

The consortium led by dstelecom installed the second prototype of a smart underwater cable (two km long) in the vicinity of the Port of Sesimbra.

Date02nd October 2023




INESC TEC | Pilot to test the four-days workweek

Close to 20 researchers involved in this pilot that aims to test the reduction of working hours.

Date28th August 2023




€4.9M tender to support the technology hub at Porto de Leixões

INESC TEC, the leader of the consortium, stated that the applicants have 90 days to submit their proposals.

Date03rd August 2023

SourceNotícias ao Minuto



Test Bed 5G with an investment of €8M to support 165 pilots by tech startups

NOS, SonaeMC and INESC TEC are part of the six-company consortium that created Test Bed 5G.

Date13th July 2023



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Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Trust Clound and Internet of Things Infrastructures

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Data Security and Privacy

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Green Computing (Software Engineering)

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Security and Usability of Medical Devices (Software Engineering)

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Business Intelligence, Knowledge Discovery

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Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Tourism, Digital Technologies

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Dynamics and Game Theory

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Data Science, Multivariate Data Analysis, Statistical Learning

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Industrial information systems integration, recommendation systems

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Systems optimization, decision support systems

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Mobile Robotics

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Control, sensors, aquisition and data and LoT

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Industrial and Collaborative Robotics

Filipe Neves Santos

Robotics in Agriculture and Forests

Hélio Mendonça

Control, sensors, aquisition and data and LoT

Power and Energy

Carlos Moreira

Network studying and renewable integration

Jorge Correia Pereira

Networks Management Systems

Manuel Matos

Planning and Reliability, Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

Vladimiro Miranda

Planning and Reliability, Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

João Peças Lopes

Network studying and renewable integration

Luís Seca

Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

João Tomé Saraiva

Electricity regulation and markets

Ricardo Jorge Bessa

Prediction and data knowledge extraction in energy

Networked Intelligent Systems

Jaime Cardoso

Processes of information and patterns recognition

Paula Viana

Multimedia Tecnologies

Manuel Ricardo

Communication's Networks

Henrique Salgado

Optical and electronic technologies

Hélder Filipe Oliveira

Processes of information and patterns recognition

Maria Teresa Andrade

Multimedia Tecnologies

Rui Lopes Campos

Communication's Networks

Luís Manuel Pessoa

Optical and electronic technologies

José Carlos Alves

Robotics and Automous Systems

Bruno Miguel Ferreira

Robotics and Automous Systems

Nuno Cruz

Robotics and Automous Systems

Nuno Dias

Robotics and Automous Systems

Aníbal Matos

Robotics and Automous Systems

André Dias

Robotics and Automous Systems

Hugo Alexandre Ferreira

Robotics and Automous Systems

Hugo Miguel Silva

Robotics and Automous Systems

Andry Maykol Pinto

Robotics and Automous Systems


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