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Development of innovative science-based technologies and services to provide better care and improve health for all.


TEC4Health structures and promotes the growth of INESC TEC's intervention in the health sector, via research, development, and innovation of disruptive health technologies. The synergy between academia, industry and health institutions is a key aspect of our activity, while promoting the transfer of knowledge generated to address relevant societal challenges. TEC4Health is aligned with these partners to contribute to solutions for four major health challenges:

1 - Active and healthy ageing, to improve both so that the increase of life expectancy is followed by a high quality of life;

2 - Personalised medicine and biomarkers. We live in an era in which each person requires specific therapies, according to their genotypic and life characteristics. Novel automatic methods will help to identify patterns in the data that allow differentiated and timely diagnoses;

3 - The area of pharmacology, medicines and advanced therapies, mainly due to the new knowledge brought by genetics, bioinformatics and systems medicine;

4 - Digital health and medical technologies. They already play a solid role in hospital support systems (departmental systems, clinical records, and integration of auxiliary diagnostic methods), and have more recently gained importance in new areas like disease prevention and the increase of patient literacy, thus envisioning a future with a relevant degree of self-management of health.


Health is a sector with a growing number of technological opportunities. The value of life and how much it must be preserved is undeniable, but improvements on how we manage health also reflect strongly on other societal axis, such as the economy and industry. The recent COVID-19 pandemic is a clear example of the changes needed, namely on how we manage both disease and well-being; in this case, it became necessary to rethink everything regarding the treatment of infectious and chronic diseases, with monitoring as a crucial process. This is even clearer  if we consider the set of current funding opportunities, e.g., the national recovery and resilience plan (PRR), the new European framework programme (focusing on several health topics), and the Mission Cancer. All these show the good amount of financial support provided to this sector. From a scientific perspective, nearly one third of world-wide publications are health related. Also, there has been a significant number of start-ups established in the health technologies area. These  indicators show that there are many research, development and innovation activities in health technologies, as well as several opportunities.

TEC4Health seeks to promote the synergy between INESC TEC and its partners, with the first contributing with its competencies to activities that could lead to successful projects, contracts, and technology transfers, thus addressing the identified challenges and trending opportunities.

Value Proposition

TEC4HEALTH induces a market pull drive into R&D, targeting all the value chain actors and processes in the healthcare and well-being sectors. To accomplish this, TEC4HEALTH aims to explore the activities within the health sector where technology needs and roadmaps indicate a high potential for applying INESC TEC’s competencies.

Application Domains

Application fields

INESC TEC is dedicated to addressing pressing health challenges worldwide, leveraging their extensive expertise and experience. Their in-depth research and innovative projects have identified key TEC4HEALTH application domains, encompassing a wide range of diseases and health conditions. These domains serve as focal points for their groundbreaking work:

  • Brain;
  • Cancer;
  • Cardio;
  • Chronic;
  • Disabilities;
  • Pulmonary.

Each domain represents a crucial aspect of health requiring targeted interventions and novel approaches. INESC TEC's commitment extends to collaborating with various sectors within the healthcare industry. By partnering with these sectors, they aim to ensure the widespread adoption and impact of their solutions. The sectors encompassed by INESC TEC health projects include:

  • Active and Healthy Ageing;
  • Clinical Laboratories;
  • Computed Aided Software;
  • Dental Medicine;
  • Equipment and Instruments;
  • Hospitals;
  • Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • Pharmacies;
  • Sports.

By actively engaging with these sectors, INESC TEC strives to deliver transformative advancements in healthcare, improving the well-being of individuals and contributing to the overall progress of the field.



TEC4Health brings together a team of experts from different backgrounds and with diverse experiences, well established in industry and academia. Our main technical and scientific competencies focus on:



In order to transfer and implement the technologies in the market, we work with partners that act as technology takers or end users.

Get to know our partners:


Academia and R&D


“The experience is excellent. We are a real team, one that is not inactive, but one that builds synergies.”
Maria João Cardoso
Champalimaud Clinical Center
“INESC TEC was, from the outset, a key player in the establishment of LABIOMEP-UP, immediately associating itself with the set of units and interface institutes that supported its creation. ”
João Paulo Vilas-Boas
“The work was always developed with Adapttech and CTM (INESC TEC) working together throughout the process, rather than each entity working by itself. Both parties were always very transparent during the process and tried to keep the expectations aligned.”
Ana Sofia Assis
Infrastructures & Labs


LaboratoryBiomedical Imaging Laboratory
LaboratoryNeuroengineering and Advanced Human Sensing Laboratory
LaboratoryBioInstrumentation Lab

TEC4HEALTH Infrastructures

LaboratoryLABIOMEP ‑ Porto Biomechanics Laboratory


Cosmetic results assessment tool in Breast Cancer Conservative Treatment

Vital Sticker

Wearable technology to adquire high-quality ECG signals in first responders and other dynamic use cases

Beat Stress

Real-time psychological stress detection in workers exposed to extreme conditions or high-pressure enviornments

Beat ID

 Computational low-cost biometric technology for ECG authentication in mobile devices