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Inesctec Research Domains

Artificial Intelligence

With a significant impact on many industries, including healthcare, transportation and manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence is also playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives, from virtual assistants to online recommendation systems.


Bioengineering is a rapidly growing and evolving field at the intersection of engineering and the life sciences, to provide solutions in medicine, biology and the environment, among others.


Digital network communications underpin the Internet and the myriad of services we increasingly depend on, indispensable for the widespread digital transformation.

Computer Science and Engineering

Computer science and engineering are the linchpins to the unstoppable evolution of computing and enable its application to an ever-growing plethora of computerbased solutions.


Drawing from the world of electronics and using methods like signal and sensor fusing, Photonics is widely recognised as pivotal in facing several technological shortcomings, namely in medicine, telecommunications, and computing.

Power and Energy Systems

Research in Power and Energy Systems envisions to support the full and enduring decarbonisation of society, an overarching objective of the EU, anchored on the integration of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.


Robotics provides new tools and paradigms to enable robots to operate in complex and dynamic environments, shared with humans.

Systems Engineering and Management

Systems Engineering and Management research seeks to improve systems for decision support, human-centred operations, intelligence, technology management, and innovation.