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The goal of TEC4SEA is to induce a market pull drive into R&D activities targeting sea and deep-sea challenges towards a sustainable Sea Economy.


TEC4SEA main challenge is to brings together R&D&I Institutions, businesses and associations, increasing synergies and critical mass to address real world challenges related with the Sea Economy, raising up a north based Ocean Engineering Excellence Network capable of stimulating industries, who will act as the leading international counterpart. 


Scientific research is crucial for the sustainable exploration of the oceans and TEC4Sea has contributed to this regard by promoting Research and Development (R&D) activities that address the challenges of the sea and the deep sea for a sustainable sea economy which result in the development of innovative robotic solutions for complex environments and multiple operations, including data collection, inspection, mapping, surveillance or intervention. In this regard TEC4Sea clearly contributes to worldwide R&D&I for the Sea Economy. The multidisciplinary application-oriented solutions addressed by TEC4SEA cover a wide range of both established (e.g., aquaculture, fishing and Ports) and emerging industries (e.g., autonomous ships, seabed mining and offshore renewable energies). It also contributes to the emergence and strengthening of new services and ecosystems in increasingly relevant areas, such as ocean health maintenance activities, by contributing to monitoring activities of biogeochemical variables, oil spill mitigation, among others.  


The Sea and the Oceans are increasingly known globally as a strategic domain in multiple aspects; from economic, political and military, social and environmental. TEC4Sea presents INESC TEC as a worldwide institution of reference capable of empowering the Sea Economy through sustainable approaches for exploring and exploiting living and non-living ocean resources. 

Application Domains

Application Fields

TEC4Sea through research lines followed by the scientific community aims to support the needs of some economic and societal sectors and activities: 

Main domains and sectors of activity:

  • Aquaculture
  • Fisheries
  • Marine biotechnology
  • Seafood processing
  • Stock estimation and monitoring


  • Deep- and ultra-deep water oil & gas
  • Dredging
  • Marine and seabed mining
  • Ocean renewable energy
  • Offshore oil & gas (shallow water)
  • Offshore wind energy
  • High-tech marine products and services
  • Marine business services
  • Marine manufacturing and construction
  • Marine R&D and education
  • Maritime and coastal tourism
  • Maritime safety and surveillance
  • Ports
  • Shipbuilding and repair
  • Shipping


TEC4Sea connects a team of experts dedicated on bringing the autonomous and digital worlds to a sustainable sea economy. These are the competencies closer to the market or that can be offered as solutions for R&D for market activities or transversal partnerships:  








Infrastructures & Labs


LaboratoryLaboratory of Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments
LaboratoryOptical and Electronic Technologies Research Laboratory
LaboratoryRobotics and Autonomous Systems Laboratory
LaboratoryImaging Laboratory

TEC4SEA Infrastructures

LaboratoryTEC4SEA Infrastructure


Underwater vision system for robotic applications in harsh underwater environments (e.g., marine snow)

CRD Sensing

Long-distance gas sensing using OTDR for infrastructure inspection and monitoring in harsh environment