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Technology transfer is still a critical and complex step in the innovation process. Similarly, technology adoption is also a critical and challenging step.

In this sense, INESC TEC created TEC4AGRO-FOOD in 2014, an Initiative for Agro-Food and Forestry. TEC4AGRO-FOOD is a new organisational approach aiming at structuring the market-pull innovation process, as opposed to the science-push that occurs naturally at INESC TEC’s Research & Development Centres, supporting the establishment of the adequate balance between the two opposing motivations and the full knowledge-to-value chain. TEC4AGRO-FOOD’s mission is co-creating the digital (r)evolution in agro-food and forestry through research and technological development in digital technologies and robotics, for the creation of long-term value for INESC TEC from customers, markets, and relationships.

For innovation to occur, it’s important to implement the “Innovation Triangle”. End Users’ (farmers, forestry producers and respective associations) needs (short term) and desires (medium-long term) must be addressed by the non-business entities of the research and innovation (R&I) system, such as INESC TEC, and Technology Providers, so they can jointly develop innovative products and services – later provided to the End Users by the Technology Providers. INESC TEC may also offer advanced consulting directly to the End Users.

Typically (there are exceptions), INESC TEC researches and develops technologies until Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 7 - System Prototype Demonstration in Operational Environment.

Application Fields

Application Fields

TEC4AGRO-FOOD’s main application areas are Smart (digitalisation) Precision (“right time, right amount, right place”) Agriculture and Forestry, Food Security and Bioeconomy. TEC4AGRO-FOOD may act in all phases of the Smart Precision Agriculture/Forestry cycle, from variability measurement to action with variable rate technologies (VRT), encompassing data analysis and decision and prescription maps:



TEC4AGRO-FOOD's competencies, namely in the main digital technologies involved in the digital (r)evolution currently ongoing in agro-food and forestry, i.e. Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, are presented below:



Partners with collaboration protocols or INESC TEC's membership:


Academia, Research and Innovation


“INESC TEC has been helping us address the sector's major challenges. At INESC TEC, we found a multidisciplinary team that can exploit several opportunities, and a partner we hope to rely on for the upcoming years.”
Ricardo Teixeira
Infrastructures & Labs


LaboratoryTRIBE - Laboratory of Robotics and IoT for Smart Precision Agriculture and Forestry
LaboratoryLaboratory of Computer Graphics and Virtual Environments
LaboratoryLaboratory of Smart Grids and Electric Vehicles
LaboratoryOptical and Electronic Technologies Research Laboratory


Non-invasive quantification of key parameters in biological tissues and visualization of their concentration in the different internal structures

Water Percept

Precise non-invasive tool for smart sprayers to measure water content in vegetation 


Reagentless AI spectroscopy system for Lab-grade and real-time analyte quantification in healthcare and agriculture



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