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The conjugation of mass production concept, with high customised production, and short product lifecycles pushes companies to be able to continuously and quickly adapt to all entities inherent to manufacturing systems, namely the ones related to manufacturing resources, materials, and information flows but maintaining the high quality of the products produced. In this context, the availability of real-time artificial vision systems with low computational cost opens a large variety of opportunities, especially for inspection and quality control. 

In this context, artificial vision systems, attached to industrial robots or not, have the potential to help companies detect as soon as possible the occurrence of deviations or non-conformity in their production systems, minimising scrap, production costs and consequently increasing the level of confidence in the companies’ products at the eyes of its clients. 

In the last several years, the iiLab team, has accumulated much experience developing customised solutions for inspection and quality control.  Namely, in several industrial sectors such as automotive (projects Autoclass and Inspectum), cork (P2020 Precision Cork) and textile providing both consultancy and R&D services for the development of customised inspection and quality control systems completely, which are horizontally integrated with the production equipment or vertically integrated with the production management system.