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Knowledge and Data from the Deep to Space

In earth systems, oceans represent an important element of equalization and normal functioning. Nowadays oceans are believed to represent perhaps the most important contribution to the current balance between all earth elements for a healthy and sustainable earth global system. However, oceans remain as the most remote and unexplored frontier among all earth elements. Oceanatmospheric interactions are nowadays believed to be at the heart of all earth vital signs and climatic behaviors, and therefore are essential to an accurate monitoring and understanding of earth systems, their changes and the results of human impacts. As the continuous acceleration of human systems complexity is expected, novel and disruptive ways to tackle this major challenge are urgent. K2D addresses this challenge by proposing the development of a synergistic set of components, including electronic components and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, that permit the cost-effective gathering of extensive and complete data from the oceans, including physical, chemical, biological and environmental variables. For that purpose acoustic information and environmental DNA will be combined, as well as advanced Geoinformatics modeling hybridized with Artificial Intelligence tools to enrich geospatial and temporal information models to describe and anticipate oceans health patterns and human activities, mostly the ones more prone to hazards and extreme events. To close the loop, the same Geostatistics models can be used to create a continuum from deep-see to near space, by integrating remote sensing and satellite information describing earth global systems in a holistic manner.



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  • Start

    01st July 2020
  • Global Budget

    1.417.333,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    01st July 2023
  • End

    01st July 2023
  • Responsible

    Aníbal Matos
  • Financing

    358.562,00 €

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Robotics and Autonomous Systems