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Footwear, Advanced Materials, Equipment's and Software Technologies

The Footwear Cluster evolved from an industry driven, resource based activity to a market led Knowledge Based activity, taking advantage in style and fashion and preserving a shoe making capability in Portugal. To keep competitive, the footwear Cluster needs to concentrate on the creative phase, master the whole product and process life cycle adding value (knowledge and intangible) to each phase, embracing societal, market, technological, industry 4.0 and circular green economy challenges, trends and opportunities. FAMEST project mobilizes the whole Cluster aiming to research, develop and create: (1) New materials, footwear components and advanced technologies, (2) New concepts of fashion, technical, customized, personalized and work footwear, economically competitive, incorporating synergistically the developed materials, produced and commercialized by the new digital, flexible and agile technologies, and (3) Solutions to valorize the waste materials generated during the Cluster productive phase and products at the end of their life cycle. FAMEST is promoted by a consortium of 23 companies covering the whole footwear value chain: leather, insoles/insocks, soles, chemical products, software, production equipment’s, logistic’s and footwear, representative and leaders, and 9 R&D entities, with multidisciplinary and complementary competences. This complete consortium ensures that innovative results will be developed and economically valorized by the partners in the national and international markets. The work will be supported by the implementation of a set of inter-related activities and specific tasks. The project invests primarily in human resources. The entire project will be permanently monitored and controlled. There will be, continuously, a control of investment, management of risks, a control of quality and execution of tasks, and monitoring of deviations to the proposed work plan and an evaluation of intermediate and final results.Project Datasheet



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st November 2017
  • Global Budget

    4.220.716,63 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    30th November 2021
  • End

    30th November 2021
  • Responsible

    Rui Diogo Rebelo
  • Financing

    285.562,00 €

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Enterprise Systems Engineering



Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems