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Desenvolvimento de soluçôes inteligentes de recuperação, armazenamento e gestão de energia térmica em edificios de serviços

The energy consumption of buildings in Europe corresponds to approximately 40% of total energy consumption, with heating and cooling of buildings being the largest source of energy demand in Europe. On the other hand, about 75% of existing buildings, public and private, have an energy performance below the requirements of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD - 2018/844 / EU). Taking that into account, the potential for rationalizing energy consumption in buildings is very large, and it is estimated that more than 50% of consumption can be reduced through energy efficiency measures. It is in this context that the consortium of ZYPHO 4.0 project intends to respond to a set of critical factors and failures identified in the market and to develop an innovative, modular and eco-efficient system for the recovery and storage of thermal energy (which allows to bridge the gap between recovery and reuse of residual heat) in service buildings, incorporating automation and control systems, and computerized energy management tools that permit monitoring the performance of thermal energy recovery and storage technologies to be developed, as well as supporting the integrated management of production and consumption of thermal energy through predictive control algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning that enable the constant optimization of the process and facilitate decision making by the user. The objectives of the energy management component will be operationalized through an IoT - Internet of Things - platform that will, in addition to other features, facilitate the scaling of the use of thermal energy, according to several parameters, among which, for example, thermal energy available in the storage system and the evaluation of the availability of the solar resource (in the case of buildings with installed solar thermal system), promoting the reduction of operational costs



  • Acronym

    Zypho 4.0
  • Start

    01st May 2021
  • Global Budget

    634.328,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    30th June 2023
  • End

    30th June 2023
  • Responsible

    Paulo Sá Marques
  • Financing

    219.269,00 €

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Enterprise Systems Engineering



Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems