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Architecture and tools for the query of antibody and T-Cell receptor sequencing data repositories for enabling improved personalized medicine an immunotherapy

iReceptor Plus promotes human immunological data storage, integration and controlled sharing for a wide range of clinical and scientific purposes. The project started in 2019, co-funded by the EU and Canadian government and focused on the development of an innovative platform to integrate distributed repositories of Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire sequencing (AIRR-seq) data, to enable improved personalized medicine and immunotherapy in cancer, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, allergies and infectious diseases. Many modern therapies involve the adaptive immune system, which has developed a wide range of immune receptors to recognise and remove pathogens and cancer cells. The sequence-data sets characterising this adaptive immune receptor repertoire (AIRR-seq) could revolutionise vaccine research and the development of therapies against autoimmune diseases and cancer. iReceptor Plus aims to advance the understanding of immune responses, and thus provide new targets for therapies and new methods for monitoring therapeutic efficacy. It offers a new class of biomarkers to support novel treatments, the ability to share and compare AIRR-seq data and promote the discovery of biomedical interventions that manipulate the adaptive immune system such as vaccines and other immunotherapies.



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  • Start

    01st January 2019
  • Global Budget

    7.856.925,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    31st December 2022
  • End

    31st December 2022
  • Responsible

    Artur Rocha
  • Financing

    877.292,50 €
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    Human-Centered Computing and Information Science