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Componentes e Serviços para Redes 5G

The 5G communications? networks, which will be in production in 2020, seek to provide, over the same infrastructure, differentiated services to different society sectors (vertical ecosystems), answering to the multiple requirements set by ITU-T in IMT-2020. On the other hand, 5G networks intend to connect on a common core network, several access networks, wired and wireless. This infrastructure will support a strong programmability and will integrate virtualization technologies (like SDN and NFV). In the context in which standardization of these networks will be promoted in the coming years by organizations like 3GPP, the opportunity arises for the Portuguese industry to align and become internationally competitive, in different segments of this complex ecosystem. The implementation of this project will allow the design and integrated validation of a new set of products, able to take part and give services within the future 5G networks, collecting efforts from different technology companies in the telecommunications segment, developing B2B and B2C models. These products cover all the functional areas of 5G networks, being organized (PPS) in a similar way: access, core and vertical sectors (focusing on machine communication and human communication). In the 36 months of the project, products for the access network (CRAN, CPE, probing), as well as products for network control and management (Policy, MANO, AAA / DNS, monitoring) and security (IDPS) will be specified and designed. The combination of these will support similar activities for products and services in the areas of IoT (monitoring/control of energy distribution networks, railways and vital signs) and broadband multimedia systems (distribution/video streaming).



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st January 2018
  • Global Budget

    9.664.390,56 €
  • State

  • End

    31st December 2020
  • Responsible

    Manuel Ricardo
  • Financing

    235.627,38 €

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