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Researchers develop drone prototypes and tomography solutions to forecast wine production

Wine4cast is a consortium involving FCUP, in partnership with INESC TEC and other entities of the national wine sector.

Date27th January 2023



INESC TEC coordinates €16M project to develop deep-sea technology

The TRIDENT project is the first initiative funded to analyse the environmental impact of deep-sea exploration, and it kicks off this month.

Date18th January 2023

SourceAmbiente Magazine


'Radar' developed for the near real-time classification of epileptic seizures

This innovative technology was developed in Porto, by INESC TEC researchers.

Date04th January 2023

SourceNotícias ao Minuto


Institute from Porto joins project to facilitate data exchange

INESC TEC is part of a €8M project that aims to develop tools to facilitate the "data exchange in the energy sector".

Date20th December 2022

SourceNotícias ao Minuto


€16M project will assess the impact of deep-sea exploration

INESC TEC (Porto) leads a €16M project that aims to develop technologies to evaluate the impact of deep-sea exploration activities.

Date15th December 2022



Portuguese institute part of project to improve the flexibility of the European electricity system

INESC TEC is the only Portuguese partner of the BeFlexible project.

Date08th December 2022

SourcePT Jornal


INESC TEC brings together government representatives to discuss the decarbonisation of the economy

The energy transition and the way climate, energy and economy connect to each other, will be discussed during the seventh edition of INESC TEC's Autumn Forum.

Date16th November 2022

SourceJornal de Notícias


App to prescribe walks and support patients

The technology, focusing on peripheral arterial disease, helps doctors to monitor patients and launch challenges.

Date13th November 2022

SourceNotícias Magazine


Institutes from Porto developed a tool to monitor cardiovascular diseases

The project will develop and test technological tools to prevent, diagnose and monitor cardiovascular diseases.

Date21st October 2022



European project creates models to improve buildings' efficiency

Researchers from INESC TEC (Porto) developed new business and contracting models to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, within the scope of a Europen project.

Date07th October 2022

SourceNotícias ao Minuto


€1.5M to "accomplish a professional dream" and increase computer security

Bruno Loff received a €1.5M Starting Grant by the European Research Council to develop a study on computational complexity.

Date06th October 2022



Portuguese team developed app to support peripheral artery disease patients

The tool is quite beneficial to patients and it the walks are defined according to prescriptions.

Date27th September 2022

SourceAtlas da Saúde

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