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Portuguese team developed app to support peripheral artery disease patients

The tool is quite beneficial to patients and it the walks are defined according to prescriptions.

Date27th September 2022

SourceAtlas da Saúde


Three million euros towards more sustainable electronics and ICT industries

The European project SoTecIn Factory, led by INESC TEC, will support social innovations that promote the circularity of value chains and reduce the industries' carbon footprint. 

Date10th September 2022



Researcher helps reducing the errors errors in the generation of renewable energy

A researcher from the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) developed mathematical models that allow reducing errors in predicting the generation of renewable-based electricity, contributing to energy transition.

Date24th August 2022

SourceNotícias ao Minuto


Porto Institute breaks the depth record of underwater caves exploration

A team with Portuguese researchers explored the deepest natural underwater cave in the world. 

Date16th August 2022



Platform supports wine-growers in the Douro region to manage the impact of climate change

Researchers created an online platform to support wine-growers in the Douro Region to manage the impact of climate change on vineyards.

Date04th August 2022



Portuguese researchers created a drone-supported communication network to address natural disasters

ResponDrone system allows rescue teams to act more quickly.

Date28th July 2022



Project will support solutions to reduce the industry's carbon footprint

An European project led by the Insitute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) will support social innovations towards reducing the industry's carbon footprint.

Date21st July 2022

SourceNotícias ao Minuto


Portugal has a system that improves the scientific knowledge about deep-sea species

It's called Hipersea: a 100% national tech project that represents a significant contribution to ocean research.

Date20th July 2022

SourceAmbiente Magazine


"Verão com Ciência" grants will last one month and begin in August

Portuguese institute will award more than 30 scientific initiation grants this summer.

Date15th July 2022



Project supports companies in the development of solutions to reduce carbon footprint

The project led by INESC TEC will support 8 companies that "promote the reduction of carbon footprint" and address sustainability challenges.

Date12th July 2022



Portuguese institution organises a summer school about Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

The 10th edition of VISUM takes place in Porto, between July 10 and 16.

Date08th July 2022

SourcePT Jornal


UTAD researcher created a "forest guardian" for the early detection of fires

This initiative is part of the activities of the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC).

Date04th July 2022


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