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€1.8M to create a new version of a risk management platform compatible with 5G

The new version of the RAID platform will allow telecommunications operators to detect fraud in real time, which translates into greater security and quality of service for companies and customers.

Date 16th September 2020

Portuguese researchers will create the first “digital twin” of a power transformer

Three Portuguese institutions, as well as one North American organisation, will develop a groundbreaking digital platform at national level, based on the concept of “digital twin”; the initiative focuses on the digital transformation of a power transformer's lifecycle. Transformer 4.0 - Digital Revolution of Power Transformers is one of the four 2020 leading projects of the international partnership MIT Portugal, in the fields of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Sustainable Cities, and it will contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the production and operation of power transformers .

Date 14th September 2020

Portuguese develop artificial intelligence-based tool for automatic diagnosis of oncological pathologies

CADPath.AI project will allow colorectal and cervical cancers to be detected more accurately

Date 11th August 2020

Portugal is the first in the world to implant neurostimulator with long-term monitoring in epileptic patients

The use of a new neurostimulator allows stimulating and capturing brain signals simultaneously, which can make the difference in the patients' quality of life.

Date 10th August 2020

Portugal and the U.S.A. developed artificial intelligence algorithms to support medical diagnosis

The TAMI project, awarded €1.791M, wants to make medical diagnosis supported by AI clearer and more reliable

Date 05th August 2020

Disinfection robot tested at S. Martinho Hospital, in Valongo

The autonomous robot uses sensors and UV lamps to disinfect spaces contaminated with COVID-19. It ensures an efficiency in disinfection up to 99.9%.

Date 30th July 2020

Portuguese researchers developed an automation system to make factories highly flexible

The Simoldes Plásticos, in Oliveira de Azeméis, integrated the technologies developed within the scope of the Scalable 4.0 project into the production line.

Date 23rd July 2020

University and Industry together to train professionals in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Portuguese Factory Unit is part of a European network that hopes to engage over 500 participants by 2022

Date 08th July 2020

What are the implications of the pandemic in the forestry and fire prevention sectors?

The virtual forum “A floresta e o fogo nos tempos da pandemia” [The forest and fires in times of the pandemic] will take place this Tuesday, July 7, at 2:30 p.m.

Date 06th July 2020

Porto will host the first session "40 years of Science and Knowledge", with Commissioner Elisa Ferreira

Manuel Heitor, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, representing the Prime Minister, will close the session dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering.

Date 02nd July 2020

Over €1.9M to improve the performance of supercomputers

The optimisation of supercomputers, as performed at Minho Advanced Computing Center (MACC), in Braga, can advance scientific discoveries in the healthcare, environment and natural sciences fields.

Date 01st July 2020

Press release on the STAYAWAY COVID mobile application

The STAYAWAY COVID is a mobile app for devices with iOS or Android operating system, free of charge and voluntary, which aims to help the country tracking COVID-19. This application, whose development started in April, aims to help interrupting the chains of infection and reduce the risks of new infections.

Date 30th June 2020

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