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The first European centre to test robots at offshore windfarms will be set up in Portugal

The European project Atlantis involves an investment of €8.5M and is coordinated by the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), with EDP (NEW - Center For New Energy Technologies) as the main partner.

Date 14th January 2020

Europe invests €18M in upgrading hydroelectric power plants to meet renewable energy production targets

In Portugal, the Frades, Alqueva, Alto Lindoso and Caniçada dams will test various technological solutions to improve the plants' performance.

Date 09th January 2020

Researchers develop technology to diagnose pulmonary nodules

A group of researchers from the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) and the São João University Hospital (CHUSJ) developed a system for the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules, which has been tested in the radiology department of this hospital. The developed prototype includes three modules – detection, characterisation and determination of the malignancy of pulmonary nodules.

Date 12th December 2019

New technologies will be developed in Europe in order to promote a greater integration of renewable energy sources

12 institutions from six European countries have come together in order to develop technologies capable of improving the performance of forecasting systems for the production of renewable energy by at least 15%, and thus contributing to an increase of the integration of production of these energy sources. The impact on society? A reduction on CO2 emissions and an impact on the performance of power grids and on electricity market prices.

Date 04th December 2019

School Ship Sagres is being equipped to study atmospheric electricity and climate changes

These data will be collected throughout the circumnavigation, which the vessel will make starting from 5 January of 2020.What are the goals?On the one hand, increasing the climate knowledge by studying the effects of climate changes on the planet's electrical circuit, thus allowing a better prediction of the climate evolution.On the other hand, assessing the health of the ocean, which has a significant global impact on sectors such as fisheries, marine activities or even energy, by collecting biological samples (fishes) for further laboratory analysis

Date 19th November 2019

Portuguese spin-off ensures EUR 2 million in international competition to fight against Alzheimer's disease

There is a Portuguese spin-off that has just received EUR 2 million to fight Alzheimer's disease through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Photonics. The award was given by Wild Card, an EIT Health's acceleration programme - the largest healthcare consortium in the world - for disruptive healthcare projects, which selected the startup from hundreds of projects. iLoF - the name of the spin-off of the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) - will be present for the first time at the Web Summit in Lisbon.

Date 06th November 2019

The digitalisation of the European power system starts with EUR 36 million and 51 entities

InterConnect – is the name of the European project that has just started and which brings together 51 European entities that will develop and test advanced solutions for the digitalisation of the power system. There will be EUR 36 million available for this project, which is the biggest European project ever led by a Portuguese institution. The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) will be responsible for the project and four other Portuguese institutions, like EDP Distribuição, SONAE MC, Schneider Electric Portugal and Domótica SA., will participate in it.

Date 04th November 2019

Portugal participates in a European project to anticipate climatic phenomena

The melting in the Antarctica, monsoon disturbances, changes in the Atlantic ocean currents, reductions of ice in the Arctic sea and extreme droughts are examples of weather events with the potential to cause a domino effect and a cascade of dramatic changes in the environment. This way, understanding the mechanisms that lead to these events is of vital importance to prevent abrupt climate transitions and irreversible changes in the earth system.

Date 24th October 2019

A Portuguese team develops a painting robot that collaborates with humans

It’s already possible to see humans and robots collaborating with each other in an effective way in the coating of complex and large-scale products in Portugal. Painting robots already existed, but one of their main limitations was related to their inability to paint large-scale products or those that had a complex geometry. The collaborative robotic cell developed in the European project FLEXCoating managed to overcome this limitation, promoting the cooperation between humans and robots through 3D sensors for workspace monitoring, object recognition and location, trajectory programming by demonstration, among other technologies.

Date 17th October 2019

EUR 1.38 million to support SMEs in the Agrofood, Forestry and Environment areas

The European project DIVA, coordinated in Portugal by INESC TEC and INOVISA, will launch the second edition of a support programme for Portuguese, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian and Irish companies that submit technology-based and innovative projects with application in the agrofood, environment and forestry sectors. There is EUR 1.38 million available.

Date 09th October 2019

Porto welcomes more than 500 worldwide computer experts

The “World Congress on Formal Methods” is an event that gathers the worldwide computer experts and takes place every 10 years. Portugal was the country chosen to receive the third edition of this congress. Porto is the city that will host, for five days, over 500 experts from 40 different nationalities.

Date 01st October 2019

Pick: the app that will revolutionise the transport mobility is Portuguese

A digital platform for multiple transport payments called Pick is available. This system, created by the Portuguese startup Ubirider, and available on the Apple Store and Google Play, allows users to plan trips, to pay for the tickets and to travel anywhere, using the best combination of means of transport. From 27 September, it will be possible to buy tickets through the app for the new Scotturb's express buses that make daily connections between Cascais, Sintra and Porto.

Date 18th September 2019

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