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Researchers test the use of Artificial Intelligence in the diagnosis of COVID-19

A team of Portuguese and Brazilian researchers will test the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the diagnosis of COVID-19, by analysing chest ultrasounds using computer vision techniques.

Date 19th November 2020

Laboratory in Porto will improve the Internet of Things platform to promote the adoption of Artificial Intelligence by companies in northern Portugal

The Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) will provide a pilot in the iiLab - the Industry and Innovation laboratory, as one of the 30 pilot-experiments carried out within the scope of the European project AI REGIO (€9.2M).

Date 16th November 2020

ECOplay: the mobile application that helps you save energy

ECOplay, the mobile application that helps you save energy, is available for free download - for iOS and Android smartphones. The application, developed by a European consortium led by the Institute for Systems and Computers Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), aims to help Portuguese people change certain small daily habits that can make a difference from a financial and environmental point of view.

Date 10th November 2020

A marketplace to help companies develop personalised products and become digital

The main objective of the European project “Better Factory” (€8M) is to promote the development of industrial production in Europe, through a Marketplace (RAMP - Robotics Automation Marketplace) where SMEs have access to the products developed and the technologies used. Moreover, the SMEs will benefit from technologies that support their digitalisation e.g., 3D simulation tools, which will make production processes more swift and adapted.

Date 19th October 2020

UT Austin Portugal Program reinforces the collaboration between academia and industry with research on emerging technologies

The 11 mobilizing projects led by national companies, whose public and private financing amounts to €21.9 M, are one of the items on the agenda of the UT Austin Portugal Program annual conference – this year under the motto “Innovation at the Intersection of Academia and Industry”.

Date 06th October 2020

Lisbon hosts the second session “40 years of Science and Knowledge”, with Carlos Moedas, member of the Board of Directors of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

“The ability to create new technology-based companies” is the theme of the second session that the Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering (INESC) will organise within the scope of its 40th anniversary. The event will take place on October 8 (5 p.m.) at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Date 06th October 2020

New app brings together psychologists and users during the pandemic

The main goal of the Psicovida app is to ensure equitable and free access to psychological crisis intervention during the pandemic;

Date 02nd October 2020

Portuguese project funded by the ESA aims to detect marine litter remotely

The testing phase of the Spectrometer for Marine Litter project, funded by the European Space Agency (ESA), took place between September 16 and 25, in Faial (Azores). The objective was to test the potential of using hyperspectral sensors for the remote detection of marine litter in coastal areas and shallow waters.

Date 01st October 2020

€300K to support SMEs in the agro-technology sector

The open call “Develop”, within the scope of the European project DEMETER, is open until November 18.

Date 30th September 2020

Portuguese researchers developed a tool to detect and prevent cyber-attacks attacks in Europe

The PANDORA tool will be used by military units to detect malicious attacks in real time.

Date 22nd September 2020

€1.8M to create a new version of a risk management platform compatible with 5G

The new version of the RAID platform will allow telecommunications operators to detect fraud in real time, which translates into greater security and quality of service for companies and customers.

Date 16th September 2020

Portuguese researchers will create the first “digital twin” of a power transformer

Three Portuguese institutions, as well as one North American organisation, will develop a groundbreaking digital platform at national level, based on the concept of “digital twin”; the initiative focuses on the digital transformation of a power transformer's lifecycle. Transformer 4.0 - Digital Revolution of Power Transformers is one of the four 2020 leading projects of the international partnership MIT Portugal, in the fields of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing and Sustainable Cities, and it will contribute to the economic and environmental sustainability of the production and operation of power transformers .

Date 14th September 2020

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