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The fourth edition of the INESC TEC Science & Society magazine, dedicated to agro-food and forestry, is already available

The "INESC TEC Science & Society" magazine returns in 2022 with the theme "(R)Evolution in Agro-food and Forestry".

28th July 2022

In the fourth edition, INESC TEC experts and guests provide a thorough outlook on the impact of science and technology on these sectors.   

The transfer of technology is a crucial and complex step in the innovation process. Likewise, the adoption of technology is a vital and challenging phase. In this sense, INESC TEC established the TEC4AGRO-FOOD in 2014, the Institute’s Initiative for Agro-Food and Forestry.The TEC4AGRO-FOOD is a new organisational approach aiming at structuring the market-pull innovation process, as opposed to the science-push that occurs naturally in INESC TEC’s Research & Development Centres, supporting the establishment of the adequate balance between the two opposing motivations and the full knowledge-to-value chain.

TEC4AGRO-FOOD mission is co-shaping the digital (r)evolution in Agro-Food and Forestry, through technological R&D focusing on digital and robotic technologies, towards the creation of long-term value for INESC TEC via clients, markets, and relations.   

This is the starting point of this edition, which focuses on aspects part of the (r)evolution of both sectors – from the need for an integrated vision for agro-food and forestry policy and technology to digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the application of geospatial information systems in agro-food and forestry. 

The magazine aims to disseminate science to society and contribute to the discussion of emerging questions. The upcoming edition will focus on energy transition.  

The latest edition is available here.