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Sustainable and reliable robotics for part handling in manufacturing automation

The goal of project STAMINA is to increase automation in internal logistics processes in industry by developing a new generation of mobile robotic manipulators. In order to increase the level of automation in tasks, different methodologies have been developed robotic sensing, planning and vertical integration with the logistics and production system which make it possible for a fleet of mobile robots to autonomously execute logistics tasks. The system is composed of a robotic arm with a three-finger gripper, assembled on a mobile platform, capable of navigating in a dynamic, non-structured environment. The robotic fleet is supervised using a logistic planning system, integrated with the industrial production and logistics system. The technology not only increases competitiveness and flexibility, but also improves the workers ergonomics.



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st October 2013
  • Global Budget

    4.550.000,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    31st March 2017
  • End

    31st March 2017
  • Responsible

    Germano Veiga
  • Financing

    457.785,00 €
  • Funded by


Associated Centres



Enterprise Systems Engineering



Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems