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mKEP - Models and optimisation algorithms for multicountry kidney exchange programs

Kidney exchange programs (KEPs) represent a new alternative for patients to get transplants from living donors. For a patient with a willing donor of one kidney but physiologically incompatible for transplant, the patient-donor pair can join many other such incompatible pairs in a pool for potential exchange. These programs run on a national or regional basis but there is evolving impetus in Europe to consider the possibility of creating international pools in which different countries can participate in a multi-country KEP. This joint collaboration would lead to a bigger common pool, a factor that can certainly help to increase the number of total possible transplants. The overall research aspects of this project will strive to develop new models and optimisation algorithms and create a decision-making tool amenable for European as well as global adoption.



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    01st April 2016
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    0,00 €
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    30th September 2019
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    Ana Viana
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