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Desenvolvimento de soluções tecnológicas e de software Industria 4.0 aplicadas a bens de equipamento.

To revitalize the industrial sector, it is imperative to invest in R & D, developing new technologies based on knowledge, not overlooking a digital world in strong development. In response to this paradigm of "digitalization" of the industrial sector comes the "Industry 4.0" where manufacturing technologies are combined with the most advanced information and communication technology systems. In this path, there is the obvious need to find innovative, modular and economically viable solutions that enable transforming the capital goods (e.g. machine tools) in Components of Industry 4.0. Moreover, the industry 4.0 presents a very broad conceptual and theoretical framework involving a deep work at the level of its parameterization (e.g. RAMI 4.0) and standards or trends in terms of technological layers (communication protocols, sensing, etc.), however, there are no implementations that may be considered as a reference expecting the market the emergence of application frameworks. The ADIRA INDUSTRY 4.0 will take advantage of this empty references creating a reality applied to the machine tools, metalworking industry and SME, allowing the company to set up innovative products / services. In addition to the innovation in the integration and administration layers of the Components, one of the most disruptive aspects relates to the integration with either new capital goods as with previous generations, or present capital goods but not compatible with Industry 4.0. In fact, the approach through retrofitting modules, involving the mechatronic component and the sensing layer, presents itself as highly promising, since it allows to rapidly expand to the existing equipment or the equipment not compatible with the industry 4.0 concept. This new product / service of high-density technology to be develop and implemented by ADIRA is an innovative solution at world level and capable of generating new strategic markets. Project Datasheet



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st September 2016
  • Global Budget

    2.374.221,22 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    29th February 2020
  • End

    29th February 2020
  • Responsible

    António Correia Alves
  • Financing

    287.350,52 €

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Enterprise Systems Engineering