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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Collaborative mapping systems between ground robots and wired aerial drones


Work description

T1. Realize a state of the art related cooperative control systems for robots applied to agriculture T2. Identify state-of-the-art open source solutions T3. Design and develop control and guidance system for cabled aerial robots T4. Integrate the solution developed in AgRob Vxx robots. T5. Compilation of data and results and publication of results in indexed journals T5. Test and validate the developed solution

Academic Qualifications

Master's Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering or similar

Minimum profile required

Be enrolled in a doctoral or postgraduate programExperience programming in C/C++Ability to write and speak English

Preference factors

Experience in developing robotics and SLAM solutions

Application Period

Since 15 Jun 2022 to 29 Jun 2022


Cluster / Centre

Industrial and Systems Engineering / Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems

Scientific Advisor

Filipe Neves Santos