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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Aquatic Robotics


Work description

The work plan consists of adapting existing location layers, data acquisition and processing, sensor integration and participation in field tests. The candidate is expected to perform the following tasks: - Assist in the integration of sensors at the electrical and logical levels; - Carry out validation and characterization through laboratory tests; - Implement new functionalities in the existing location layer; - Evaluate performance (accuracy, delay, etc.) based on previously acquired experimental data and carry out new tests in the same direction; - Carry out field tests and adjustment of parameters; - Address portability of the estimation layer from smaller scale autonomous surface vehicles to full scale manned surface vessel. The grant holder will participate in project meetings with members of the internal team and project partners. Documentation, such as scientific reports and publications addressing the aforementioned topics, is required throughout the duration of the proposed work plan.

Academic Qualifications

Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, IT or related field.

Minimum profile required

Programming experience, basic knowledge of dynamic/control systems

Preference factors

Previous experience in robotics projects (aquatic), estimation/control.

Application Period

Since 21 Sep 2023 to 12 Oct 2023


Cluster / Centre

Networked Intelligent Systems / Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Scientific Advisor

Bruno Miguel Ferreira