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Vital Sticker

Problem Addressed

Biometric systems have become increasingly relevant due to the need for more reliable and accurate information for individual monitoring or identification.  

ECG signals are an appealing choice due to their intrinsic aliveness detection advantages. However, when electrodes are used to measure ECG features, the skin's stress due to breathing movement and the transmission of vibrations caused by running motions and the device's inertia can cause signal noise. This noise significantly limits the data extracted from ECG signals, compromising their accuracy and subsequent analysis with AI algorithms algorithms. 


Our solution is Vital Sticker, a wearable device for electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring during movement. 

The Vital Sticker technology features an innovative rotational connection between the device and the electrode, which minimizes signal noise induced by movement, significantly improving the signal-to-noise ratio of the acquired signal. 

By providing an articulatory rotation of the electrodes, Vital Sticker improves the ECG waveform quality. This makes the reading more resistant to motion noise caused by normal skin stretching movements electrodes can be exposed to such as breathing, or the effects of gravity when the user moves. 


Noise cancelling - Due to the combination of rotational and flexible connectors; 

Comfortable - Users do not feel the skin stretching effect;

Versatile - Device can be adapted to collect other biosignals such as Electromyography (EMG) or Skin Conductance Level (SCL); 

Compact - Low-power hardware compatible with miniaturised and wearable devices.

Possible Applications

  • Individual data monitoring (e.g. first responders, army, sports);
  • Clinical monitoring of patients with cardiac pathologies;
  • Fitness and well-being wearables.

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