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The IA-TPC system improves the throughput performance of IEEE 802.11 based wireless networks with nodes using directional antennas by judiciously reducing the network's interference. This transmission power control system is capable of dynamically selecting optimal transmission power for the nodes in wireless network considering its surrounding interference.

Challenge | Opportunity

As the wireless networks become larger and denser due to the accumulation of nodes, interference problems arise degrading wireless networks performance. Reducing a transmission power is a standard approach but not considering surrounding interferences ends up increasing the probability of collision due to lower signal to noise ratio.

Main Advantages

- Improves throughput up to 80% in wireless networks using directional antennas when applied as a network planning software;

- Easily adaptable to commercial systems since it does not require hardware changes, including nodes using omnidirectional antennas (OA).


IA-TPC was developed to be used as a centralized approach that does not require hardware changes. Therefore, IA-TPC is suitable to be used: a) in the software defined networking (SDN paradigm) if it is placed in the cloud server which receives/sends control messages; b) as a network planning software where the method suggests the optimal power either for a network or node or interface should use in order for the network to perform optimally.

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  • Development Stage

    Lab prototype (TRL 3-4)
  • Further Information

    <p><a href="">WO2019077550 (A1)</a></p>
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    Patent pending
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    Information and Communication