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The Scientific Council is an internal body responsible for monitoring and guiding scientific and technical activities.

Its responsibilities include:

  • To deliver opinions on research projects, budget, plans and annual reports of INESC TEC’s activity;
  • To support the Administrative Board on matters of scientific development;
  • To implement procedures that incentivize excellence, assess quality and promote the external image of the scientific activity.

The Scientific Council is composed of representatives of the postdoctoral researchers and its organization directly results from the activity structuring within the areas corresponding to the Centres. Each Centre has its own field-specific Scientific Committee, composed of all its researchers with a PhD. The Scientific Council of INESC TEC includes one representative from each Centre’s committee and three additional members appointed by the Administrative Board, among whom a President is chosen.

Its members are elected by the General Council for a five year term, and can be reelected an unlimited amount of times. The current Council is appointed for the five-year term 2019/2023.



Manuel Alberto Pereira Ricardo (FEUP)


Other members apointed by the Board of Directors:

Maria Antónia da Silva Lopes de Carravilla (FEUP)
Susana Alexandra Tavares Meneses Barbosa


Members apointed by the R&D Centres/Laboratories:

Paulo Vicente da Silva Marques – CAP (FCUP)
Ana Maria Rodrigues de Sousa Faria de Mendonça – CBER (FEUP)
Ana Maria Marques de Moura Gomes Viana – CEGI (ISEP)
Jorge Manuel Pinho de Sousa – CESE (FEUP)
João José da Cunha e Silva Pinto Ferreira – CITE (FEUP)
João Paulo Tomé Saraiva – CPES (FEUP)
Sandra Maria Mendes Alves – CRACS (FCUP)
Eduardo Alexandre Pereira da Silva – CRAS (ISEP)
Manuel Fernando dos Santos Silva – CRIIS (ISEP)
Maria Cristina de Carvalho Alves Ribeiro – HumanISE (FEUP)
Henrique Manuel de Castro Faria Salgado – CTM (FEUP)
José Nuno Fonseca Oliveira – HASLab (UM)
João Manuel Portela da Gama – LIAAD (FEP)


Alternate members:

Pedro Alberto da Silva Jorge – CAP
João Paulo Trigueiros da Silva Cunha – CBER (FEUP)
Luís Filipe Ribeiro dos Santos Guimarães – CEGI (FEUP)
António Manuel Lucas Soares - CESE (FEUP)
Maria Cristina Geraldes Malheiro Machado Guimarães – CITE
Clara Sofia Teixeira Gouveia Moura – CPES
Ricardo Jorge Gomes Lopes da Rocha – CRACS (FCUP)
José Carlos dos Santos Alves - CRAS (FEUP)
Hélio Mendes de Sousa Mendonça – CRIIS (FEUP)
Ana Cristina Ramada Paiva - HumanISE (FEUP)
Paula Maria Marques de Moura Gomes Viana – CTM (ISEP)
José Orlando Roque Nascimento Pereira – HASLab (U. Minho)
Dalila Benedita Machado Martins Fontes – LIAAD (FEP)