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Publications by Hodjat Mariji


Envelope Dyadic Green's Function for Uniaxial Metamaterials

Maslovski, SI; Mariji, H;


We introduce the concept of the envelope dyadic Green's function (EDGF) and present a formalism to study the propagation of electromagnetic fields with slowly varying amplitude (EMFSVA) in dispersive anisotropic media with two dyadic constitutive parameters: the dielectric permittivity and the magnetic permeability. We find the matrix elements of the EDGFs by applying the formalism for uniaxial anisotropic metamaterials. We present the relations for the velocity of the EMFSVA envelopes which agree with the known definition of the group velocity in dispersive media. We consider examples of propagation of the EMFSVA passing through active and passive media with the Lorentz and the Drude type dispersions, demonstrating beam focusing in hyperbolic media and superluminal propagation in media with inverted population. The results of this paper are applicable to the propagation of modulated electromagnetic fields and slowly varying amplitude fluctuations of such fields through frequency dispersive and dissipative (or active) anisotropic metamaterials. The developed approach can be also used for the analysis of metamaterial-based waveguides, filters, and delay lines.