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Publications by João Pedro Mendes


New developments on fibre optic colorimetric sensors for dissolved CO2 in aquatic environments

Coelho, L; Pereira, C; Mendes, J; Borges, T; de Almeida, JMMM; Jorge, PAS; Kovacs, B; Balogh, K;


The detection of dissolved carbon dioxide (dCO(2)) is made possible through a colorimetric effect that occurs in a sensitive membrane. The reaction with dCO(2) changes the pH of the membrane causing a small difference in its colour which results in a characteristic absorbance spectrum band near 435 nm. A sensing platform based on this effect was developed and tested in gaseous and in aqueous environments. It is a combination of a bundle of large core fibre optics (with diameters above 200 mu m) with light emission diodes (LEDs) in the visible range of the spectrum, a silicon photodetector and a polymer membrane sensitive to CO2. A variation in the absorption of 3 / %VV was obtained in the range from 0 to 1.6 % of gaseous CO2 with an estimated response time below 60 seconds.