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Publications by Tiago Mendes Martins


Temperature-Independent Multi-Parameter Measurement Based on a Tapered Bragg Fiber

Martins, TJM; Marques, MB; Roy, P; Jamier, R; Fevrier, S; Frazao, O;


Temperature-independent strain and angle measurements are achieved resorting to a taper fabricated on a Bragg fiber using a CO2 laser. The characteristic bimodal interference of an untapered Bragg fiber is rendered multimode after taper fabrication and the resulting transmission spectra are analyzed as a function of strain, applied angle, and temperature variations. The intrinsic strain sensitivity exhibited by the Bragg fiber is increased 15 fold after tapering and reaches 22.68 pm/mu epsilon. The angle and temperature measurements are also performed with maximum sensitivities of 185.10 pm/deg and -12.20 pm/K, respectively. The difference in wavelength shift promoted by variations in strain, angle, and temperature for the two fringes studied is examined. Strain and angle sensing with little temperature sensitivity is achieved, presenting a response of 2.87 pm/mu epsilon and -57.31 pm/deg, respectively, for strain values up to 400 mu epsilon and angles up to 10 degrees. Simultaneous angle and strain measurements are demonstrated.