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Publications by Fabian Heymann


Power-to-Gas potential assessment of Portugal under special consideration of LCOE

Heymann, F; Bessa, R;

2015 IEEE Eindhoven PowerTech, PowerTech 2015

Power-to-Gas can contribute with valuable balancing power and seasonal storage capacity to future power systems. In Portugal, forecasts for 2020 show significant excess of renewable energy generation that can be transformed by power-to-gas technology and fed into the natural gas infrastructure. This work suggests an innovative approach to assess future power-togas integration potentials at the national level, focusing on wind power. Following a geographical distance analysis, a first economical estimation of future energy transformation costs is made with the help of Levelized Costs of Energy (LCOE). © 2015 IEEE.


Spatial load forecasting of electric vehicle charging using GIS and diffusion theory

Heyman, F; Pereira, C; Miranda, V; Soares, FJ;

2017 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Conference Europe, ISGT-Europe 2017, Torino, Italy, September 26-29, 2017