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Sensor devices network for food supply chain security

Project SNIFFER intended to search for toxic products in food, naturally or intentionally exposed. INESC TEC was responsible for the task 3, that is, for the design and the synthesis of fluorescent labels (University of Burgos) and the functionalisation of alkylsilanes (INESC TEC). Microorganisms such as Bacillus cereus (identification through Potassium-doped Valinomycin):CHEMISTRYOPEN 6, 562-570 (2017) doi: 10.1002/open.201700057, Bacillus anthracis (antrax)or toxic chemicals such as - Organophosphates -Methylmercury (several documents in preparation by the University of Burgos in both cases) -Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids 65 (three documents in preparation)  Enterotoxins (several documents in revision by University of Burgos) The other partners were in charge of testing the sensors effectiveness prepared at Task 3, developing an integrated platform in order to share and to analyse data, and of the electronic design of sensors collection instruments.



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st May 2013
  • Global Budget

    2.720.029,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    30th April 2016
  • End

    30th April 2016
  • Responsible

    Gerardo Aguilar
  • Financing

    233.601,00 €
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