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Advancing the Frontier of Social Media Management Tools

Social networks are increasingly relevant in our society, being a comprehensive phenomenon on a global scale, it is estimated that reaches 3 billion active users, ~ 40% of world population in 2020. These networks are a powerful tool that helps both individuals and companies to build your brand and have a greater social recognition. The pace of proliferation of these social networks, the mass of information produced and the interconnection of information across multiple applications and platforms has led us to a scenario in which becomes extremely complex monitor and manage our presence Digital social networks. For companies, a growing number of solutions appeared to help improve their presence on social networks. However, still does not exist a solution agile and focused on helping individual users to overcome this complexity and to manage the inherent challenges. And in this context arises the SKORR concentrated on three main features of any Influencer: measures, monitors and significantly improves users ' personal brand, your online presence, social position and influence, in one place. It's main goal of the SKORR help users to measure, monitor and improve your presence along the various social platforms. It is intended with this project a new approach for the solution can monitor the performance of the SKORR people/users through a trusted Panel of KPIs and the impact of the activity in real time. Through specific functionality for parsing and creating posts based on advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms, will help improve the results and performance through tips and tutorials based on data analysis, giving people control of their digital life.



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  • Start

    01st September 2018
  • Global Budget

    439.003,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    30th September 2021
  • End

    30th September 2021
  • Responsible

    Paulo Jorge Azevedo
  • Financing

    73.276,00 €

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