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S-calibration - Apoio à internacionalização da Propriedade Intelectual

Developed at INESC TEC, S-Calibration presents itself as a technology to revolutionize material analysis. S-Calibration solves a physical limitation of the systems currently used, enhancing their resolution enabling the detection of subtle but relevant changes of small elements in samples. Besides that, S-Calibration facilitates the information exchange between equipment, that up to now had to be trained with the same samples. S-Calibration enables portable laboratorial analysis, anywhere in the world in real time. Hence, this technology has 4 main application industries aligned with 4 priority themes and respective topics of the National Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (ENEI), as well as with 4 priority areas and respective topic of the North Region Intelligent Specialization Strategy (RIS3). The product and services based on S-Calibration will compete in the spectrometry market, which was valued at US$ 39 billions in 2017 by TechNavio, with an expected growth of 7% per year (2017 2021). The application potential of S-Caibration is very high, predicting market expansion with its application in areas such as mining, quality control in material production and in health sector. The main objective of the proposed project here is to finance an international patent application (PCT) and its national validations in the territories where the world?s largest markets are located, in order to maximize the economic and social impact of S-Calibration.



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  • Start

    01st December 2019
  • Global Budget

    50.000,00 €