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Infraestrutura de dados espaciais para a gestão das alterações climáticas na vinha

Adaptation to climate change is a major challenge facing the viticulture sector. Each wine growing region consist of unique contexts (terroirs), knowledge and understanding of the contextual factors and their interaction with the regional climate are essential to identify and prioritize adaptation initiatives at different temporal and spatial scales. Much of the information relates to location, so spatial (geographical) relevance is a significant aspect of data, so the applicability of the spatially related and analyzed information are one of the main motivations of this project, since many of the variables that affect grape quality are inherently spatial in nature. This project will create a decision support platform (INFRAVINI) which will include climatic and agronomic indicators, allowing winegrowers located in any area of any wine region to benefit from the cross-referencing and normalization of local sensory and forecast climate information collected in one so-called ?observatory", witch main function is to monitor both the impact of meteorological variability and the impact of climate change on certain spatially and temporally referenced territories. The INFRAVINI development contemplates the use and adaptation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, allowing to gather thematic information from several sources, in an interoperable way, contributing to the creation of a standardized repository of geographic information. A pilot phase will be promoted, in which the information gathered in an exhaustive way will be cross-referenced in the ADVID wine-growing observatory (network of 21 vineyards reference plots, by using soil probes, sensors, meteorological stations, among others), with the spatial information base (factual and forecast) that the INFRAVINI platform will provide. The main objective of INFRAVINI is to make European wine-growing industries resilient to climate change, minimizing costs and risks by improving production management and monitorization. ( Datasheet



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st July 2019
  • Global Budget

    388.092,03 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    31st December 2021
  • End

    31st December 2021
  • Responsible

    Lino Oliveira
  • Financing

    107.993,36 €

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