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intelligent Lab on a Fiber - Apoio à internacionalização da Propriedade Intelectual

iLoF is a new technology for the detection and classification of nanoparticles, namely exosomes, in complex liquids with great interest in clinical diagnosis in the Health Care Industry. Since it measures sample?s backscattered signal (from the light irradiation interaction with the particle) and analyze it with the assistance of an artificial intelligent algorithm, iLoF technology enables the classification of particles with lower dimensions compared to the traditional methods currently employed. In addition, the simplicity of signal processing of iLoF makes it a faster and cheaper diagnosis tool than the traditional methods, that require computational and control systems more robust. iLoF technology can be also used to identify other particles with interest in Agri-Food (like yeast) and in Environmental Industries (like microplastics) among others. Therefore, this technology has 3 main application industries aligned with 3 priority themes and respective topics of the National Strategy for Intelligent Specialization (ENEI), as well as with 4 priority areas and respective topic of the North Region Intelligent Specialization Strategy (RIS3). The innovative features of iLoF technology will increase the efficiency of clinical diagnosis, like in the detection of several exosomes related to different diseases, like cancer. In 2018, 17 millions of new cases of cancer were diagnosed worldwide, with lung, breast, bowel and prostate cancers the most common (more than 40% of the cases). Only in USA, the associated costs for cancer treatment in 2018 were in the order of 140 billions US$, with an expectation to increase with time due to the population ageing. The aim of this project is to support an international patent application (PCT) and its respective national validations in the World's largest markets in order to leverage the economic and societal impact of iLoF technology.



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  • Start

    01st October 2019
  • Global Budget

    49.680,00 €