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CArdiovascularREsolution of INflammation to promote HEALTH

With 1.9 million deaths and an economic burden estimated to €200 billion each year in Europe, cardiovascular diseases (CVD) represent a significant public health problem with clear unmet needs in terms of prevention. Chronic inflammation is a critical residual risk for the health to CVD transition with limited possibilities to stop it without causing immunosuppression. To tackle this issue, CARE-IN-HEALTH propose to identify the resolution of inflammation to develop new prevention strategies to lower inflammation with a retained immune defence against infections to sustainably stay healthy. As chronic inflammation and CVD are driven and regulated by lipids, an interdisciplinary consortium of highly experienced centres has been assembled to collect, integrate, and exploit epidemiological, multi-omics and immune data to be translated into the CARE-IN- HEALTH ATLAS, which will be provided openly accessible for the scientific community and health care professionals. Such knowledge base will not only allow to systematically identify and validate an individual’s critical immune pathways through AI-empowered models and clinical translation but most importantly will provide tools for drawing a personalized blueprint on how to build a unique model for each citizen’s resolution of inflammation. To apply these findings, a digital CARE-IN-HEALTH MCDSS (multi-criteria decision support system), will be developed to guide health care professional to design personalized CVD prevention strategies. To further extend project’s findings and empower citizens, a CARE-IN- HEALTH BIOSENSOR point-of-care will be constructed to monitor resolution of inflammation. By evaluating these tools in real life settings through two proof-of-concept clinical trials, CARE-IN-HEALTH aims to propose a true paradigm shift for the public health needs on how to stay staying healthy in a rapidly changing society by promoting resolution of inflammation.



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  • Start

    01st January 2023
  • Global Budget

    6.993.398,00 €

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Biomedical Engineering Research