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A Management Framework for Consolidated Big Data and HPC

High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures are increasingly sought to support Big Data applications, whose workloads significantly differ from those of traditional parallel computing tasks. This is expected given the large pool of available computational resources, which can be leveraged to conduct a richer set of studies and analysis for areas such as healthcare, smart cities, natural sciences, among others. However, coping with the heterogeneous hardware of these large-scale infrastructures and the different HPC and Big Data application requirements raises new research and technological challenges. Namely, it becomes increasingly difficult to efficiently manage available computational and storage resources, to provide transparent application access to such resources, and to ensure performance isolation and fairness across the different workloads. The BigHPC project will address these challenges with a novel management framework, for Big Data and parallel computing workloads, that can be seamlessly integrated with existing HPC infrastructures and software stacks. The project will research, develop and integrate new monitoring, virtualization, and storage management components that can cope with the infrastructural scale and heterogeneity, as well as, the different workload requirements, while ensuring the best performance and resource usage for both applications and infrastructures. These components will be integrated into a single software bundle that will be validated through real use-cases and a pilot deployed on both TACC and MACC data centers. The project's results will be exploited commercially by Wavecom by providing the devised software framework as a service for companies and institutions that wish to leverage their infrastructures for deploying Big Data and HPC applications. The project will also strongly contribute to build the much needed capacity to implement and manage HPC and Big Data services in the Portuguese academia and industry. Project Datasheet



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  • Start

    31st March 2020
  • Global Budget

    1.183.532,00 €

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