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Method and Device for detecting stress using beat-to-beat ECG Features

The new Beat Stress technology comprises an innovative method and device capable of drastically reducing the time of stress detection using the heart beat identified in ECGs. The required parameters are collected and identified in just one or a few heartbeats to indicate if an individual is showing signs of stress, reducing the time of identification and volume of data collected and processed and making it ideal for use in an online context. Wearable devices that collect physiological data has proven popular in recent years and different researches show a growing demand for stress level measurement. Findings related to classification activities of these types of events would bring a wide and beneficial range of applications in the field of public health. The main advantages of Beat Stress are the speed of processing, the computational capacity that allows their online use, the integrity, ease of use and associated low cost. Currently the stress measurement is made mainly by the Heart Rate Variability (W-HRV) method, which presents disadvantages such as the need for a large time interval for measurement and great computational complexity due to the high volume of data for analysis. To circumvent these limitations, Beat Stress uses the Heart Beat Morphology (HBM) method to detect stress using only one heartbeat. This technology is aligned with 2 priority topics and respective topics of the National Smart Specialization Strategy (ENEI), as well as with 2 priority areas and respective topics of the North Region Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3).Project datasheet



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    01st August 2018
  • Global Budget

    49.590,00 €