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3D Models for Aesthetic Evaluations and Result Predictions in Breast Cancer Procedures

In the 3dBCT we proposed the development of a totally automatic system based on the 3D reconstruction of the woman torso using low-cost methodologies. This model will then be used to build a decision support system using pattern recognition techniques to objectively evaluate the overall aesthetic result of local breast cancer treatments. A model fitting method is studied which allows the system to automatically fit a generic deformable model to patient-specific 3D breast surface measurements using a physically-based framework. This can be used to quantitatively and reliably assess the aesthetic outcome of breast reconstructive surgery.



  • Acronym

  • Start

    01st June 2011
  • Global Budget

    67.991,00 €
  • State

  • Effective End

    31st August 2014
  • End

    31st August 2014
  • Responsible

    Jaime Cardoso
  • Financing

    67.991,00 €
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