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What are the implications of the pandemic in the forestry and fire prevention sectors?

06th July 2020

The session is organised by ForestWISE - Collaborative Laboratory for the Integrated Forest and Fire Management (CoLAB), and João Paulo Catarino, Secretary of State for the Preservation of Nature, Forests and Territorial Development, will be in charge of opening the session, alongside José Manuel Mendonça, President of the Board of Directors of ForestWISE.

This virtual forum results from the creation of a repository including articles for dissemination and relevant technical-scientific publications on subjects related to forestry and fire prevention, particularly concerning the context of COVID-19. It is a meeting between experts, whose objective is to explore and share opinions on the consequences and solutions in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The two main themes addressed will be: (1) How will the forestry and fire prevention sectors come out of this pandemic? ; (2) What will change in these sectors, due to the pandemic?

The panel of experts includes Cláudio Heitor - CONFAGRI, Duarte da Costa - ANEPC, João Gaspar - REN, João Gonçalves – Centro Pinus, José Ferreira - ENB, Luís Braga da Cruz - Forestis, Nuno Banza - ICNF, Nuno Neto - The Navigator Company, Paulo Fernandes – Fundão city council, Pedro Santos - CONSULAI, Rui Clero - GNR and Tiago Oliveira - AGIF. Abílio Pereira Pacheco, senior researcher at ForestWISE, will be in charge of moderating the panel.

The forum’s organisation also invited several key-agents with a wide range of knowledge, who will have an opportunity to comment on the different themes. This initiative targets the scientific, business and political communities, and is open to society in general; the proceedings will be published afterwards, with the ForestWISE seal.

Participation is free, but prior registration is required. Those interested in participating can do it online (, and we would like to invite all participants to share their outlooks with the panel of experts until July 7. ForestWISE's CTO, Carlos Fonseca, will be responsible for closing the forum.

About ForestWISE - Collaborative Laboratory for the Integrated Forest and Fire Management

It is a private, non-profit association with legal personality. The project focuses on research, innovation and knowledge development, and technology transfer activities expected to promote the sustainable forest management and the competitiveness of the forestry sector, while reducing the negative consequences of rural fires. It also addresses the requirements of the Resolutions of the Council of Ministers 159/2017 and 157-A/2017, by combining the efforts of universities, public and private sectors entities and industry, thanks to a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to the issues of fire prevention, the valorisation of the forests and the sustainable development of forest-based activities.

On January 30, 2018, the FCT awarded the CoLAB certificate to ForestWISE, leading to its official establishment as such on September 29, 2018.

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Abílio Pereira Pacheco

Phone number: 933 004 412

E-mail address: