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    Pedro Miguel Moreira
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    03rd August 2020


AGE: Automatic Performance Evaluation of API Gateways

Moreira, P; Ribeiro, A; Silva, JM;

Proceedings - IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications

The increasing use of microservices architectures has been accompanied by the profusion of tools for their design and operation. One relevant tool is API Gateways, which work as a proxy for microservices, hiding their internal APIs, providing load balancing, and multiple encoding support. Particularly in cloud environments, where the inherent flexibility allows on-demand resource deployment, API Gateways play a key role in seeking quality of service. Although multiple solutions are currently available, a comparative performance assessment under real workloads to support selecting the more suitable one for a specific service is time-consuming. In this way, the present work introduces AGE, a service capable of automatically deploying multiple API Gateways scenarios and providing a simple comparative performance indicator for a defined workload and infrastructure. The designed proof of concept shows that AGE can speed up API Gateway deployment and testing in multiple environments. © 2023 IEEE.