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    Marina Brilhante
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    Research Assistant
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    03rd October 2022
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Control of a Mobile Robot Through VDA5050 Standard

Brilhante, M; Rebelo, PM; Oliveira, PM; Sobreira, HM; Costa, P;

Robot 2023: Sixth Iberian Robotics Conference - Advances in Robotics, Volume 1, Coimbra, Portugal, 22-24 November 2023

Since creating universally capable robots is challenging for a single manufacturer, a diverse fleet of robots from various manufacturers is utilized. However, these heterogeneous fleets encounter communication and interoperability issues. As a result, there is a growing need for a standardized interface that is capable of communicating, controlling and managing a diverse fleet without these interoperability issues. This paper presents a translation software module capable of controlling an autonomous mobile robot and communicating with a ROS-based robot fleet manager using the VDA5050 Standard and exchanging information via the MQTT communication protocol, aiming at flexibility and control across different robot brands. The effectiveness of the software in controlling a mobile robot via the VDA5050 standard was demonstrated by the results. It accurately analysed data from the Robot Fleet Manager, converted it into VDA 5050 JSON messages and skilfully translated it back into ROS messages. The robot’s behavior remained consistent before and after the VDA5050 implementation. © The Author(s), under exclusive license to Springer Nature Switzerland AG 2024.