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I’m a Senior Researcher and Project Manager at INESC TEC. I started my work at this institution back in 1992 as a software developer and systems & database administrator. Soon, in 1995, I embraced the project manager role and have since then led a large number of projects in multiple domains (Operations Management, Internal Logistics, Automation, Knowledge Management, Systems Architecture &  Integration, Planning & Scheduling, Benchmarking & Business Intelligence) and industries (Shoe, textile, metal tooling, Civil Construction, Chemical, Architecture, Government, Universities).

I hold a Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications by the University of Aveiro and postgraduates degrees in Management (by EGP-UP) and Medical Informatics (by the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Sciences of UP).   

My current main research area of interest at INESC TEC is Integrated Planning & Scheduling in the context of Industry 4.0.





Permutation flowshop scheduling with makespan and tardiness objectives by GRASP

Iryna Yevseyva; Jorge Pinho de Sousa; Luís Guardão

in proceedings of EURO XXIV Lisbon - 24th European Conference on Operational Research, Lisboa, Portugal

In this work, permutation flowshop scheduling problem is considered taking into account two conflicting objectives: makespan and tardiness. For this scheduling problem, a multi-start metaheuristic, GRASP, is extended for optimizing several objectives. As a result of applying construction and local search phases of GRASP, a Pareto front of efficient solutions is obtained at each GRASP iteration. An external archive of elite solutions is kept. For intensification and diversification goals path-relinking between elite solutions is performed. The approach is tested on benchmark problems.