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Productivity Scholar from CNPq - level 1D. Ad-hoc evaluator for CAPES, CNPq, FAPERGS, and A3ES - Portugal. Postdoctoral degree in Education - Innovation Ecosystems in Education in the hybrid and multimodal culture - Open University of Portugal, Doctorate in Educational Informatics, and Master's in Psychology from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS. Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UNISINOS. She is a full professor-researcher in the Postgraduate Program in Education and the Postgraduate Program in Applied Linguistics at UNISINOS. She is the founder and leader of the International Research Group Digital Education - GPe-dU UNISINOS/CNPq, a collaborating researcher at the International Research Center Atopos/USP, at the Center for Global Studies at the Open University (CEG-UAb), and at the Human-Centered Computing and Information Science Center - HumanISE of INESC TEC (Portugal). She is the International Co-Chair of the Immersive Learning Research Network - iLRN, founder and coordinator of the International OnLIFE Education Network - RIEOnLIFE, and the ConnectKaT Network.

She is the founder and developer of software, environments, and digital platforms: Virtual Learning Environment - AVA-UNISINOS, Virtual Digital World in 3D AWSINOS (Eduverse Metaverse), UNISINOS Island, and RICESU Island (Second Life Metaverse), GPe-dU (OpenSimulator Metaverse), and various educational spaces involving areas such as Education, Management, Human Anatomy, Earth System Physics, Tourism, among others, in different Metaverses. Communicative Agent MARIÁ - (developed in partnership with the Graduate Program in Applied Computing), Mobile Learning Environment - COMTEXT® (Competencies in Context - developed in partnership with the Graduate Program in Administration and the Graduate Program in Applied Computing), Alternate Reality Game (ARG) Ghosts in the Museum, Mobile, Ubiquitous Pervasive Extended Reality Game MUP-ERG In Vino Veritas® and Agora do Saber, Obsidian Catch app, Teen Community Game, Wearable Pulsus, OnLIFE Education Platform, and Inventive Reticular Atopic Installation - Inven!RA. She is also the creator of the technology-concept Virtual Digital Living Space - ECODI, Hybrid and Multimodal Living and Learning Space - ECHiM, VersOnLIFE, and the concepts: Hybrid and Multimodal Education, Cibricity, OnLIFE Education, Inventive Methodologies, and Online/OnLIFE Sympoietic, Inventive, and Gamified Pedagogical Practices - SaIGoN.

Main areas of expertise - research, development, training, consultancy, and advisory in the field of Digital Education, Online Education, Hybrid Education, OnLIFE Education, Corporate Education, Entrepreneurial Education, Virtual Learning Environments, Metaverses, Games and Gamification, Communicative Agent, Virtual Learning and Practice Communities in Metaverses, Project Methodologies, and Inventive Methodologies. She has been working in the field since 1989, with experience in Early Childhood Education, Elementary School, High School, Higher Education including Postgraduate programs - at the specialization, master's, and doctoral levels, and; in consultancy, advisory, and training (including Municipal Education Departments, Private School Networks, Universities, and Companies). She also acts as a lecturer at national and international events. She has several articles published in national and international journals and events, as well as being the author of books and book chapters published in Brazil, Latin America, the USA, and Europe. She is the author of books including: m-learning and u-learning: new perspectives on mobile and ubiquitous learning - Pearson Prentice Hall, 2011; Learning Communities and Practices in Metaverses - Cortez, 2012; Learning in Metaverses: Co-Existing in Real Virtuality, IGI Global (USA), 2015; HUMAN SMART CITIES: Theories, practices, case studies for intelligent cities today, Detay Yayincilik (Turkey), 2018, and; LIVING IN TEACHING AND LEARNING OnLIFE: Experiences in Contemporary Education, Casa Leiria, 2021. LIVING IN TEACHING AND LEARNING: Challenges for/in/of OnLIFE Education, Casa Leiria, 2022. The full Lattes curriculum is available at:



  • Name

    Eliane Schlemmer
  • Role

    External Research Collaborator
  • Since

    18th October 2023