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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Robotics and Automation for agriculture and forestry. Systems biology and bioinformatics


Work description

- Characterize physiologic, metabolic and transcriptional shifts of greenhouse/field grapevines in response to stress towards validating the spectral data set from the field. - Develop an SB approach to characterize metabolic grapevine pathways and infer their phenotype/physiological state; - Develop a platform engine (digital-twin) capable of incorporating field-spectral data and artificial intelligence to support advanced Precision viticulture

Academic Qualifications

MSc in BioInformatics/SB, Biotechnology Eng. and related areas - BioEngineering, Agronomy, Biotechnologists

Minimum profile required

SB: genome scale models, graph analysis, flux balance analysisComputers: R(Bioconductor), Matlab Comp. Biology and Python, Bioinformatics for database searchesExperience with multiomics integrationAvailability to enroll PhD

Preference factors

Experience in plant systems biology and bioinformatics. The jury may not award the scholarship if the quality of the candidates is inferior to that intended.

Application Period

Since 29 Jun 2022 to 12 Jul 2022


Cluster / Centre

Industrial and Systems Engineering / Robotics in Industry and Intelligent Systems

Scientific Advisor

Mário Cunha