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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity



Work description

- Data analysis considering different types of data, e.g., electricity consumption, consumer behavior, PV and wind generation, Electric vehicles and electricity market prices based on multiple open-access data sets. The data will be analyzed and processed considering the identification of any missing/erroneous entries, adjustment of data granularity, format, etc. - Study and review xAI approaches for synthetic data generation models; - Development of novel xAI model to explain the synthetic data generation process. Being the most suitable existing model from state-of-the-art review, SHAP will be used as basis for the explanations. SHAP will be integrated with a GPT3-based language model, hence boosting the adaptation and richness of explanations, as well as enabling different types of explanation types, namely through plots, graphs, tabular and text. - Writing project reports and dissemination material

Academic Qualifications

Student in Electrical Engineering or similar

Minimum profile required

- Expert in a programming language

Preference factors

- Experience in Python, Matlab or AMPL programming languages - Experience in the development of artificial intelligence and optimization models - Fluency in English (spoken and written) - Fluency in Portuguese (spoken and written)

Application Period

Since 30 Nov 2023 to 15 Dec 2023



Human-Centered Computing and Information Science

Scientific Advisor

Tiago Manuel Campelos