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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity



Work description

The workplan for this position comprises several main tasks, such as: - Acquire background knowledge and research state of the art techniques in face biometrics and explainable artificial intelligence (xAI). - Manage the collection of expert/crowd sourced annotations. - Implement/evaluate literature methodologies for Interpretable Face Biometrics to develop benchmarking approaches. - Design novel interpretability-based techniques, such as differential losses to promote explainability or active learning work flows to integrate explanation in the training. - Implement the studied methodologies in a demo environment that will emulate a real face recognition application capable of providing explanations for the decisions. - Disseminate the research outputs through internal reports, scientific publications, and public exhibits. - Exercise critical thinking in evaluating the research process and the results obtained.

Academic Qualifications

Students enrolled in a professional higher technical course, in a degree, in an integrated master's degree or in a master's degree.

Minimum profile required

Minimum or equal grade of 16 in the Bachelor studies.

Preference factors

Experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

Application Period

Since 22 Mar 2023 to 05 Apr 2023



Telecommunications and Multimedia

Scientific Advisor

Ana Filipa Sequeira