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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Development of integrated electronic systems for interrogation of optical sensors


Work description

This grant is part of a project that aims to develop and implement optical sensors in an industrial context. Different types of sensors will be applied to monitor the curing of concrete structures that will support offshore wind turbines, the quality of the surrounding water and gas distribution systems. The aim of this grant is to develop optimized interrogation and communication tools for the various types of optical sensors to be developed.

Academic Qualifications

Master in Physics Engineering

Minimum profile required

Advanced experience in:Systems for interrogating optical sensors.Optoelectronic systems.Microcontroller programming.Development of analysis and control software.

Preference factors

Training in fiber optic sensors, development of nanoparticles and strong knowledge in simulation and manufacturing of systems based on plasmonics. Experience in design and 3D printing.

Application Period

Since 18 Apr 2024 to 05 May 2024



Applied Photonics

Scientific Advisor

Luís Carlos Coelho