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Research Opportunity
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Research Opportunity

Biomedical Engineering


Work description

The selected candidate will integrate the Biomedical Engineering research team at C-BER in a transversal way, supporting in several research activities related to the development of new models of biomedical signal processing as well as the extraction of characteristics and their classification in the scope of pathology and symptoms under study. The candidate will work on various physiological signals such as electrocardiogram, electromyogram, phonocardiogram, inertial data, among others, with the objective of supporting the collection and analysis of these data together with the research team and the clinical staff involved. In this way, it becomes an attractive opportunity for any biomedical engineer as it will allow them to be close to clinical practice for the development of new digital tools to support the screening, diagnosis and monitoring of diseases. The writing of scientific articles and participation in scientific conferences will also be part of activities carried out by the candidate for scientific dissemination of the results obtained.

Academic Qualifications

Master's degree in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and computers or other similar areas.

Minimum profile required

The candidate must have good knowledge in the analysis and processing of biomedical signals, development of machine learning algorithms (kNN, SVM, PCA, among others) and must already have some previous experience in contacting with medical teams in the field of biomedical engineering.

Preference factors

Good knowledge of biomedical signal processing techniques for feature extraction. Prior knowledge of digital systems in Parkinson's disease. Previous activity in the analysis of electrocardiogram, electromyogram and inertial data signals.

Application Period

Since 07 Sep 2022 to 06 Oct 2022



Biomedical Engineering Research

Scientific Advisor

Duarte Filipe Dias