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MareCom project wins Fraunhofer Portugal award

The MareCom project, which was developed by INESC TEC’s Centre for Telecommunications and Multimedia (CTM), won the second place at the competition Fraunhofer Portugal Tech Transfer Awards, which was held on 12 April at the premises of Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS.

06th May 2019

This competition aimed at distinguishing Research and Development projects that promote good practices of knowledge enhancement and transfer in ICT area, developed by entities of the national Scientific and Technological System, in partnership with companies. On the one hand, it’s intended that these works positively contribute to the impact in the quality of life of the citizens while on the other it's intended that they are based on research of practical usefulness.

Financial recognitions worth EUR 6500, EUR 3000 and EUR 1400, for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd awards, respectively, were given to the awarded institutions in order to support the transfer initiatives of the project results to the market. The competition included a brief presentation of the project in order to present the results and the good practices promoted to transfer technology to a jury panel who, after a joint evaluation, awarded the three awards among the five finalists.

With a solution that ensures broadband communications in coastal areas and in the surroundings of the ports of the Mainland and Madeira and Azores Islands, the MareCom project acts as an alternative to the satellite communications and to the VHF technologies that are still used today, helping the communities that work on a maritime environment such as the Navy, fishing fleets and maritime transports. This way, through the access to new services and applications, it’s possible to increase its digital inclusion, levels of well-being on-board and the operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Photo credits: Fraunhofer Portugal